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Artificial Wisdom

"Taking in the climate crisis, pertinent issues around AI, and global political corruption, this inventive techno-thriller blends apocalyptic future-world context with murder mystery intrigue."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Set in 2050, in the aftermath of a catastrophic heatwave that saw four hundred million humans wiped out around the Persian Gulf, Thomas R. Weaver’s Artificial Wisdom reels with ethical issues around AI, relatable climate crisis concerns, and a huge question: what price are we prepared to pay to survive as a species? 

With a noir-ish style of writing – clipped, to the point, and immediately arresting — this takes a page-turning murder mystery into fresh territory, with a future-world fans of political sci-fi will be totally drawn into, and of-the-moment ethical issues everyone can relate to. Add to that a universal character journey of a man set on finding out why his wife died, and you have a sparky story that’ll satisfy a range of reading tastes.

Almost a decade after journalist Tully’s wife died during the heatwave, he’s determined to discover whether the disaster was natural, or the result of an act of genocide. At the same time, he’s drawn into a murder investigation around an election fight to become dictator of the world, with the world’s first-ever AI politician vying for the role. So far, so packed with high-stakes scenarios and inventive ideas, and the story plays out in similarly gripping style with escalating crises, conflicts and monumental dilemmas.

Joanne Owen

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