Three Weddings and a Proposal

Paperback edition released 31/03/2022

by Sheila O'Flanagan

Three Weddings and a Proposal Synopsis

Sunday Times bestseller April 2022 Irish Times bestseller March 2022 At the first wedding, there's a shock The second wedding is unexpected By the third, Delphie thinks nothing could surprise her. But she's wrong . . . Delphie is enjoying her brother's wedding. Her surprise last-minute Plus One has stunned her family - and it's also stopped any of them asking again why she's still single. But when she sees all the missed calls that evening, she knows it can't be good news. And she's right. Delphie has been living her best life, loving her job, her friends, her no-strings relationships and her dream house by the sea. Now she has to question everything she believed about who she is and what she wants. Is her mum right - is it time to settle down? Or does she want to keep on trying to have it all? Each wedding of a glorious summer brings a new surprise. And as everything Delphie thought she had is threatened, she has the chance to reshape her future . . . 'One of my favourite authors' Marian Keyes 'Sheila's books always make you feel as if you've spent time with a good friend' Carole Matthews

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781472272669
Publication date: 31st March 2022
Author: Sheila O'Flanagan
Publisher: Headline Review an imprint of Headline Publishing Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 464 pages
Primary Genre Contemporary lifestyle fiction

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ISBN: 9781472272669
Publication date: 31/03/2022
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781472272621
Publication date: 20/05/2021
Format: Hardback

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Sheila O'Flanagan is the author of nearly 30 bestselling novels including Three Weddings and a Proposal, The Women Who Ran Away, Her Husband's Mistake, The Hideaway and The Missing Wife. She lives in Dublin with her husband. Twitter @sheilaoflanagan

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Three Weddings and a Proposal
Three Weddings and a Proposal
Three Weddings and a Proposal
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