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Open Minded

"Exploring open relationships from two contrasting heroines points of view, Open Minded is a warm-hearted romcom for all kinds of curious daters"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Often when you read a novel with two different first-person character voices in it, the reader senses that there is one where the voice comes more naturally to the writer (the assumption being that it’s the character who is closer to the author’s own perspective), while the other might feel more forced. But Holly and Fliss’s chapters felt distinctive yet equally comfortable. Fliss’s fizzy energy works well in contrast to Holly’s softer people-pleasing, and I was equally invested in who they were both going to end up with. The reader knows which relationship(s) they’re rooting for immediately (certainly I personally would love to date Ash, Fliss’s adorable green-fingered boyfriend!) but Seager tows a nice line of not making everything too predictable, while still giving the reader an uplifting happy ending. 

Whether the reader is committed to monogamy, polyamory, or something in between, this novel gives a chance to see in broad as well as more nuanced strokes how relatable characters might go about stepping outside of their comfort zones. 

I know I am very biased in this, but I would have loved to have seen some labelled LGBTQ+ characters in these non-monogamous set-ups (rather than only represented in a sub-plot of someone being closeted in their traditional marriage), especially as the queer community has historically done so much in practising alternate kinds of relationships and creating these possibilities for straight people. But I also understand if the author didn't feel that was her story to tell. 

It’s astonishingly impressive to me that Seager is not only a successful literary agent but has also written multiple books for readers of different ages, and I’m excited to see what she does next! 

Lily Lindon

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