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The Abomination by Jonathan Holt

The Abomination

Part of the The Carnivia Trilogy Series
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Maxim Jakubowski's view...

A Maxim Jakubowski selected title.

The opening volume of the Carnivia Trilogy is a fascinating story which blends an intriguing Dan Brown-like conspiracy mystery, Venice-set crime procedural tropes with a splendidly-drawn Italian female investigator who is paired up with a butch American Army sleuth and a fascinating cyber world and its eccentric but resolute inventor. The uncommon mix works most effectively and leaves so many avenues to explore in later volumes.

May 2013 Debut of the Month.

The Lovereading view...

With a gripping plot and complex characters this is the first of a dazzling, multi-layered trilogy set in modern-day Venice. The discovery of a murdered woman wearing priest's robes, The Abomination, leads a tenancious young police officer into a deadly web of secrets that stretch back to The Balkan War. Don't miss the start of what we think will be the next 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' book that everyone will be talking about.

reader reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion for The Abomination a small number of Lovereading members were lucky enough to be invited to review this title - 'AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!Is the only way I can describe this book!...It had me completely gripped till the early hours before sleep forced me to stop reading.' – Sam Lewis. Scroll down to read more reviews.

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A piece from Jonathan Holt on how he came to write The Abomination...
'I always dreamed of writing a book that everyone would read. Sometimes I thought that meant writing a thriller: sometimes it drew me towards more character-based stories. Over a period of about five years I kept trying ideas and plots out, only to abandon them because they felt too small and unambitious.

Eventually I managed to have an entire novel almost finished - but something about it still felt wrong. Then one night I dreamt that I burnt it - or at least, the twenty-first century equivalent: I dreamed I deliberately deleted every single copy from my computer. In the dream, it felt strangely liberating… so I decided to do it. I put almost five year's work into my Recycle Bin and pressed 'permanently delete.' 'Are you sure?' asked the computer. Of course I wasn't sure! But afterwards I knew I'd made the right decision.' Click here to read the full comment.

A Piece of Passion from the Publisher on The Abomination...

'The Abomination plunged me into its world straight away. I was hooked from the very first page, where a murdered woman is washed up onto the steps of an ancient Venice church at midnight. She is found half-in, half-out of the freezing water, and she is wearing the robes of a priest – something that is totally forbidden by the Catholic church.

That was such a chilling, arresting opening scene, I didn’t think it could be bettered. But Jonathan Holt’s choice of locations just got more and more intriguing. By the time I had journeyed with his characters to an abandoned lunatic asylum on an uninhabited island, and then to, an online simulation of Venice (an exact replica down to the cracks in the paving stones) where users are masked and secrets can be shared in absolute anonymity, I was already getting the tingling feeling you get with a really exciting submission. Before long, what had started as a relatively straightforward murder mystery turned into the unravelling of a deep, dark conspiracy with its roots in the Balkan war - a conspiracy so disturbingly plausible that the first thing I did when I closed the book was start looking for more information on google – and then I wrote an email to my colleagues saying “We HAVE to buy this book.”

- Laura Palmer, Fiction Publisher. Click here to read the full comment.

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The Abomination by Jonathan Holt

THE VICTIM: A body has washed up from the Grand Canal. A woman, wearing the robes of a priest - a desecration known as The Abomination. THE INVESTIGATOR: The trail leads Captain Kat Tapo from the backstreets of Venice to an abandoned Catholic asylum. Then the case is shut down. Why? THE MASKED CITY: In an encrypted online simulation of Venice, secrets are shared, and anonymity guaranteed. It's the only place Kat can seek the truth. THE CONSPIRACY: In the dark depths of post-war politics, Europe's history was re-written in blood. Now powerful people want the past to stay buried...


We have asked a select number of members and browsers to review The Abomination. You can read their reviews below.

Sam Lewis - 'AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!Is the only way I can describe this book!...It had me completely gripped till the early hours before sleep forced me to stop reading. If you are a fan of Dan Brown this is certainly for you.' Click here to read the full review.

Susana Sanchez - 'The Abomination very cleverly deals with contemporary issues such as the ordination of female priests or the use of social media websites to hide identities and commit cyber-crimes... I’m still wondering whether this is all true!!' Click here to read the full review.

Ruth Paterson - 'The Abomination is a superb read...The book was enjoyable and contained strong characters, mystery, romance, danger and was also food for thought...I look forward to revisiting Carnivia soon.' Click here to read the full review.

Reba Khatun - I really enjoyed this book and was hooked by the first chapter...I liked how this book was from the view of multiple characters as I got to really know them...Yippee! I've found another great author.' Click here to read the full review.

Maggie Crane - 'The Abomination is a book which engages the reader from the very first page and holds their interest throughout...As the story unfolds you find yourself transported into the streets of Venice, everything comes alive, such is the ability of the author to create the scene' Click here to read the full review.

Magda North - 'The Abomination is as every bit as good as the publishers have billed it to be. Lovely, interwoven plotting. Good characters – it's particularly nice to have two strong women leads.' Click here to read the full review.

Hannah Brittlebank - 'The Abomination raises itself above the everyday thriller by being well written, set against a well drawn backdrop of Venice and featuring two strong women leads.' Click here to read the full review.

J B Johnston - 'If you love Dan Brown with a bit of cyber-crime then read this’s not just one for the boys, drawing the reader in, weaving a complex and clever plot throughout with strong female characters.' Click here to read the full review.

Elisabeth Thomas - 'I would recommend this book for not only fans of Dan Brown and that genre of fiction but also for those who like conventional detective fiction and or thrillers.' Click here to read the full review.

Carolyn Huckfield - 'This is a fantastic thriller and the only good thing about finishing it is knowing that it is the first in a trilogy.' Click here to read the full review.

About the Author

Jonathan Holt

Jonathan Holt is a pseudonym for a bestselling British author. He read English at Oxford, and is now Creative Director of an advertising agency. He has travelled widely in Italy, where he fell in love with its language, food and people and many of his novels have been set there. He lives in Oxford and is working on book three in this internationally bestselling series.

Author photo © Hugh Dickens

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1st May 2013


Jonathan Holt

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