Meeting the Master (Modern Erotic Classics)

by Elissa Wald

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Meeting the Master (Modern Erotic Classics) Synopsis

In Wald's darkly erotic stories, characters enact the intricate and subtle ways that dominance and submission play a role in their daily lives: a young girl dreams of submitting to a boy who's not interested in controlling her, an ex-convict is so accustomed to serving his cellmate that he cannot adjust to the outside world, a professional dominatrix is beaten at her own game by a psychiatrist, and a student lies his way into the home of an army recruiter in order to become his houseboy.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781472106049
Publication date: 29th November 2012
Author: Elissa Wald
Publisher: Constable & Robinson Robinson
Format: eBook
Primary Genre Erotic fiction

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ISBN: 9781472106049
Publication date: 29/11/2012
Format: eBook

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The Secret Lives of Married Women is Elissa Wald’s first new book in 12 years.

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Meeting the Master (Modern Erotic Classics)
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