The Noise Revealed

by Ian Whates

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A Maxim Jakubowski Best Science Fiction selection.

Another new British author steeped in technology noir and the second volume in a new series that began with THE NOISE WITHIN. Pursued by sinister assassins, scientist Philip Kaufman is forced to flee and his path crosses that of government black-ops specialist Leyton. Spooky alien artifacts, rogue starships and non-stop action of the '24' variety make this a must for anyone who likes Ian Banks, Alastair Reynolds or Peter F. Hamilton. Space opera at its best.

Maxim Jakubowski

The Noise Revealed Synopsis

A time flux, a time of change. While mankind is adjusting to its first ever encounter with an alien civilisation - the Bryzaens - black-ops specialist Jim Leyton reluctantly allies himself with a mysterious visitation in order to rescue the woman he loves. This brings him into direct conflict with former employers: the United League of Allied Worlds. Scientist and businessman Philip Kaufman is fast discovering there is more to the virtual world than he ever realised, but it soon becomes clear that all is not well within the realm of Virtuality. Truth is hidden beneath lies and there are games being played, deadly games with far reaching consequences. Both men begin to suspect that the much heralded 'First Contact' is anything but first contact, and that a sinister con is being perpetrated with the whole of humankind as the victim. Now all they have to do is prove it.

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ISBN: 9781907519536
Publication date: 12th May 2011
Author: Ian Whates
Publisher: Solaris
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Fiction
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ISBN: 9781907519536
Publication date: 12/05/2011
Format: Paperback

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About Ian Whates

Ian Whates is a director of both the Science-Fiction Writers Association and the British Science-Fiction Association. He is also the proprietor and editor of NewCon Press. The Noise Within is his first novel with Solaris.

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The Noise Revealed
The Noise Revealed
The Noise Revealed
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