Songs of the Dying Earth

by George R.R. Martin

Science Fiction

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The Technicolor world created by Vance in THE DYING EARTH  is as much a classic as Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. This anthology compiled by Gardner Dozois & George R.R. Martin invites some of the best modern talents to return to this fascinating setting. Features new stories by Martin, Neil Gaiman, Tad Williams, Tanith Lee and 18 others.

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Songs of the Dying Earth Synopsis

Return to the unique and evocative world of The Dying Earth in this tribute anthology featuring the most distinguished fantasists of our day. A dim place, ancient beyond knowledge. The sun is feeble and red. A million cities have fallen to dust. Here live a few thousand souls, dying, as the Earth dies beneath them. Just a few short decades remain to the long history of our world. At the last, science and magic are one, and there is evil on Earth, distilled by time ! Earth is dying. Half a century ago, Jack Vance created the world of the Dying Earth, and fantasy has never been the same. Now, for the first time, Jack has agreed to open this intriguing and darkly beautiful world to other fantasists, to play in as their very own. The list of twenty-two contributors eager to honour Jack Vance by writing for this anthology includes Neil Gaiman, Tad Williams, Elizabeth Hand, Tanith Lee, Dan Simmons, Robert Silverberg, and George R.R. Martin himself.

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ISBN: 9780007277490
Publication date: 29th September 2011
Author: George R.R. Martin
Publisher: HarperVoyager an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Fiction
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George R.R. Martin Press Reviews

'The Dying Earth is one of the best and most influential fantasy works of the twentieth century'
Terry Pratchett

'The world that Vance created ranks with Tolkien's Middle-earth and Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age as one of fantasy's most unforgettable and influential settings.'
George R R Martin

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ISBN: 9780007277490
Publication date: 29/09/2011
Format: Paperback

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George Raymond Richard Martin was born in Bayonne, New Jersey, Sept 20 1948. He began writing monster stories as a child, and by high school was contributing fiction to comic fanzines. His first professional sale, short story 'The Hero', written while he was in college, appeared in Galaxy February 1971. He was story editor for CBS's The Twilight Zone series in 1986, and worked as writer, executive story consultant, producer, co-supervising producer, and executive producer on Beauty and the Beast from 1987-90. He currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.Martin won his first Hugo for the novella 'A Song for Lya' (1974). In 1980 he ...

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Songs of the Dying Earth
Songs of the Dying Earth
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