Teenagers: A Natural History

by David Bainbridge

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For teenagers puzzled and worried about their changing bodies or mood swings, for parents having to cope with teenagers, for anyone wanting to understand why humans have this immense transition phase in their lives. David Bainbridge provides a wise, sympathetic guide to the teenage process using a whole host of scientific procedures to explain just what’s going on.

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Teenagers: A Natural History Synopsis

During the second decade of human life, the body and brain undergo a profound and complex transformation, with emotions and intellect changing as rapidly and unpredictably as weight and height. These changes can be baffling - to teenagers and to those around them alike - but adolescence plays an important evolutionary role in who we become as adults and there are hard scientific facts behind the spots, the smells, and the sexual experimentation, as well as the existential angst, the anger, and the irresistible attraction to all the things that are bad for you. In clear, engaging and amiable prose, David Bainbridge explains the strange and wonderful science of the teenage years. And tells us just exactly what teenagers are for.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781846271229
Publication date: 7th January 2010
Author: David Bainbridge
Publisher: Portobello Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 304 pages
Primary Genre Popular science

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David Bainbridge Press Reviews

A completely fresh take on adolescence with great potential for newspaper family pages, radio and TV interviews and festival/ bookshop appearances. 'Fresh and engaging
Sunday Telegraph

'At a time when youth culture is feared and demonised, here is a welcome antidote. A highly readable account and a thought-provoking thesis.'
New Scientist

'Teenagers is an entertaining book full of quotA--able Did you know ... ?A facts.'
New Statesman

'The tone in Teenagers is chatty and energetic and the chances are you will find something really useful here'

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ISBN: 9781846271229
Publication date: 07/01/2010
Format: Paperback

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About David Bainbridge

David Bainbridge was trained in veterinary surgery and zoology at Cambridge University, where he now teaches Clinical Veterinary Anatomy. He is the author of three previous books: on pregnancy, on the biology of sex and sexuality, and on the brain.

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Teenagers: A Natural History
Teenagers: A Natural History
Teenagers: A Natural History
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