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Check & Mate

"The queen of geeky romcoms has played another winning move with these rival chess champions "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Hazlewood’s prized corner of the market for writing romcoms about women in STEM has moved into the adjacent field of heroines doing clever mathsy stuff – like elite chess.

I know nothing about chess, except the most important thing: Chess is very sexy. Fortunately, that’s all you need to know to enjoy this novel (though perhaps if you are also a chess geek you’ll also enjoy the references to obscure moves and techniques).

This had the vibe of the best ‘chosen one’ fanfiction, in that you are allowed to blissfully move through the world as an effortlessly attractive, and effortlessly genius young woman, effortlessly befriending other eccentric geniuses, and being the sole interest of the world’s most famously hot chess player, Nolan.

Sure, it sometimes all feels a little disingenuous that a world-championship-level prodigy wouldn’t know about the different competitions she’s being entered for, or bother to research who she’s competing with, or what the prize money is. But let’s be honest, with a fun voice and super hot chemistry, who cares? 

Mallory has more relatable problems too – grieving the legacy of an imperfect father, responsible for the financing of her two demanding (and adorable) younger sisters, misunderstanding her unwell mother. Some of my favourite moments were when there was this playful everyday banter between the family members, especially in a memorable scene where Nolan comes to dinner. 

Lily Lindon

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