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The Modern Craft

"This anthology of writing on responsible witchcraft practices and ethics delivers a dazzling array of voices and thought."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

With a focus on modern reflections on timeless wisdom, The Modern Craft, edited by Claire Askew and Alice Tarbuck, is an engaging must-read for contemporary practitioners, and for anyone interested in discovering what modern witchcraft is and entails.

Springing from the editors’ personal transformation from “teenage goths who wore a lot of purple into fully-fledged, intersectional witches”, a process that “required finding answers to a great many questions”, at its heart it seeks solutions to one overarching issue: “How do I – how does any of us – develop responsible witchcraft?

Among the essays, Jane Claire Bradley discusses empowerment, self-acceptance and activism for queer working-class witches, while Lisa Marie Bastille explores magic and mental health. Meanwhile, vital anthropological discussions around decolonisation, appropriation and ethics come courtesy of the essays on witchcraft and indigenous religion, and African traditional religions.

At once political, personal and underpinned by the notion that modern witchcraft should be a force for positive change, this collection is as fiery and thought-provoking as it is diverse.

Joanne Owen

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