Cops and Horrors

by Matt Calveley

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Former police sergeant, Matt Calveley, offers an up-close and personal view into the life of a dedicated cop employed by one of the biggest police forces in the world.

In recent times, I’ve read several thought provoking police auto-biographies which describe careers where the author climbed the ranks and achieved high office. As a result, they did not reveal what life was like for the 30-year, career constable who spends his, or her, working life at the sharp-end. Many, I know, enjoy reading about what life is really like in our police service, but would like to hear from someone who wasn’t promoted and who remained in uniform, serving the public. This is the book they have been waiting for.

Cops and Horrors fills a void and does so extremely well. From routine day-to-day tasks through to adrenalin-fuelled car chases, this book demonstrates the huge range of responsibilities and roles the modern-day police officer is expected to perform well, without fear or favour, and without making a mistake.

I found the one-off use of present tense in the prologue to 'Cops and Horrors' to be a little clunky and, in the opening chapters, the narrative is quite slow. However, this is, however, a book to keep reading because the pace soon increases and it gets better and better, as you progress. It’s informative, enlightening and exciting. It is harrowing, emotionally charged and, at times, tragic. I loved it!

Highly recommended.

Matt Johnson

Cops and Horrors Synopsis

In Cops and Horrors: Uncut Tales from the Frontline, Matt Calveley offers an up close and personal view into the life of a dedicated officer serving in one of the biggest police forces in the world. Highly decorated, Matt lived a varied career, meaning he is able to give readers an eye-opening insight into the job from all angles. On the Met's frontline, he fought violent criminals, arrested hundreds, dealt with horrific death scenes every day- and got bitten by a squirrel monkey called Clive. Matt served as custody Sergeant, provided jury protection during a huge corruption trial, and qualified as a mass fatality specialist. In Cops and Horrors, he reveals how he:

  • Discovered sickening photographs at a crash scene that led to a child rapist being jailed
  • Worked undercover in the Met's massive surveillance operation to catch Mardi Gras bomber Edgar Pearce
  • Expertly broke into Paul Daniel's car after the late magician locked his keys inside it
  • Nicked a bent 'Santa' driving a stolen limo after a high-speed Christmas morning road chase
  • Fought a machete-wielding maniac
  • Was mistaken as a stripper after hitching a lift to an emergency in a limo packed with tipsy hen party revellers

Matt also gives an unprecedented, detailed account of law enforcement on London's roads. From dealing with arrogant motorists, catching drink drivers and facing catastrophic road deaths, to white-knuckle car chases and painstakingly reconstructing crash scenes, Matt has seen - and survived - it all.

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