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With such an exciting premise, it really hooks and pulls you into a world of unknowns that promises suspenseful mystery.

Crash starts off as the perfect thriller novel. We follow a character called Alex Taylor who has woken up in a hospital after a near fatal car crash but he has no memory of the event. With such an exciting premise, it really hooks and pulls you into a world of unknowns that promises suspenseful mystery. But as the plot progresses it simmers down into being humdrum realist fiction that looks at the everyday, banal workings of village life. The affair that becomes the main focus of the story later on felt too rigid and elements of the writing such as the overuse of exclamatory sentences, meant to emphasise strong feelings of emotion, ended up having the opposite effect. However, I did enjoy its use of characterisation; Crash is a novel about people and in this regard it has a firm hold on human interaction and thought. This book is the ideal slow burn, character-driven story for the traditional reader.

Lois Cudjoe, A LoveReading Ambassador

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Crash Synopsis

Novel: Crash The title, Crash, is how the story begins. Alex wakes up in Intensive Care in a coma, conscious about his surroundings, but no idea, initially, how he got there. Also, although he can hear what is going on, he can’t communicate, open his eyes or speak, so the reader joins him in trying to work out what on earth has happened. We learn slowly that he has crashed his car on a road he shouldn’t have been on, miles away from where he has told his wife he was going to be. The story is told through three characters – Alex, his wife Carrie and son, Jack -until Chapter 16, when a fourth voice reveals further details as to what has happened. The reader learns that the Saturday before the accident, the woman who Alex had an affair with seven years previously, Fran, turns up at his daughter’s birthday barbecue. She has no idea that he is the father of the girl, who uses her married name, and so both of them are horrified at the situation they’ve found themselves in. It’s possible that Alex was driving through Cheshire on the night of the crash to find Fran and, in a frantic state of mind, loses control of the car. But he isn’t able to recall anything for weeks after the accident. While he struggles to remember, his wife determines to find out why he lied about his destination that night and what has been going on. Alex is slow to recover from his serious injuries and to make matters more complicated, Jack, in his twenties and young and vulnerable, with a difficult past, falls for Fran and tries his best to involve her romantically. The narrative recalls the love affair between Alex and Fran from 7 years’ previously, detailing the start and the depth of the involvement and weaves the present relationship and past one as many facets continue to cause difficulties and deepen the sense of betrayal. It’s a house of cards. All the characters are shaped by their upbringing and extended family ties and responsibilities. And no-one wants the others to suffer. Something, somehow has to be worked out. ( Word count 123,400)

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ISBN: 9781838084127
Publication date: 22nd July 2021
Author: J.L. Harvey
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Literary Fiction

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ISBN: 9781838084127
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The author has spent her working life in journalism and education.  Originally from Manchester, she now lives in a small village in Country Durham with her husband, collie dog and two horses. She has an MA in Creative Writing. She has nearly completed her second novel, which will be published in the Spring, 2021. Instagram: @dominoesjlhauthor

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