Peeing is Relieving

by Robert Eddison

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LoveReading Expert Review of Peeing is Relieving

Journalist and playwright Eddison takes us on a hugely enjoyable, good-humoured romp through his passion and talent for aphorisms, epigrams and quips.

Followers of Robert Eddison on social media (Twitter - @roberteddison1) will know that he is the undisputed master of the contemporary, pithy, one liner, with over 29,000 original aperçus on 150 different subjects to his name and tens of thousands of followers across his various platforms.

In Peeing is Relieving he reveals a huge talent and endearing fascination for the quirks and power of language and also displays a playful, light hearted, world view that, while it occasionally toes the line of decency, never actually steps over it.

There are chuckles aplenty  - and some rather lovely illustrations - in this compact volume, which will leave you pondering the more profound insights of some of the entries as you revel in the simple absurdity of others.

In the introduction, by the Times’ diary editor, Patrick Kidd makes the point that “it takes real craft to express home truths in just a handful of words, especially when they are so funny,” and he is absolutely right. Rennison joins an illustrious band of writers and thinkers throughout history who have managed to marshal a love of language and wordplay and crystallise a skewed look at life in all its ridiculous glory.

As Rennison says “The English language is not so rich that it has the mot juste for everything,” but as he ably demonstrates, in the hands of a master, it comes pretty darn close. He also says that “For most of us, the straight and narrow needs widening,” and Peeing is Relieving will certainly broaden your outlook.

Paul Blezard

Peeing is Relieving Synopsis

Feeling down in the mouth? Then brighten your day with Peeing is Relieving! It's packed with pithy one-liners, like: Fame is when reporters beg to interview your cat and: The British Empire ceased when butlers stopped ironing the morning paper. As the perfect gift book, Robert Eddison's off-the-wall treasure house of original aphorisms is peppered with rib-tickling illustrations and state-of-the-art Quick Response codes. Scan them with your phone and up I pop to have a laugh with you! Whether you're on the loo or on your private jet, this is a must-read book of witty maxims by the world's leading aphorist. Enjoy!

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ISBN: 9781914414220
Publication date: 1st November 2021
Author: Robert Eddison
Publisher: Unicorn Publishing
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 112 pages
Primary Genre Gift books
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ISBN: 9781914414220
Publication date: 01/11/2021
Format: Hardback

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Originating pithy one-liners is my thing. So how, you may well ask, did I get to be doing this as a hobby? After spotting a few one-liners in the London production of a stage play I'd written, I thought it might be fun to devise them neat , to stand alone in their own right. I don't keep a diary as such, since I'm not interested in whether I bought jam or peanut butter last Tuesday at Tesco's. What I can claim, though, is that every original thought I've had in the past few years has been noted down. True, it's ...

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