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How to Raise a Global Citizen is a practical, straightforward handbook for raising emotionally intelligent, socially conscious, and globally minded citizens of a better world.

For those of us at parenting age, with children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, we have a responsibility to guide and encourage them towards a future that is inspired and informed by values of fairness, inclusion, respect for all our fellow human beings and, of course, for the planet we call home.


How to Raise a Global Citizen is written by and for parents and carers of children of all ages. 

In an exclusive LoveReading LitFest event, we are delighted that author Anna Davidson was joined by two of the seven contributors to the book; mother of three daughters and blogger Fariba Soetan, and father of two and founder of Dope Black CIC and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultancy BELOVD, Marvyn Harrison.

For parents, grandparents or carers of the children who will go on to save the world, this is the book and the event for you.

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How to Raise a Global Citizen Synopsis

Our children have the energy, capacity, and passion to create and nurture a global culture in which inclusion, acceptance, respect, and participation are the core values that underpin a human being's every interaction. As parents and carers, our job is to help our children take their first steps along that path.

Raising truly globally minded, and socially conscious children happens at home and in the community. Children can be inspired, equipped, and mobilized to make a difference in the world. By encouraging values such as responsible and kind use of social media, respect, open mindedness, empathy, a sense of community, parents can help to shape a new generation of emotionally intelligent, outward-looking, politically ethical world citizens.

Relevant to parents of children of all ages - from toddlers to teens - the book gives practical advice on how to talk to your children, the vocabulary to use, and activities and projects you can undertake with your children, from planting a tree to keeping a gratitude diary to cooking themed cuisines. And you'll find out how to model global citizenship through your own day-to-day actions.

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