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Failosophy for Teens

"An invaluable self help guide for teens in challenging times"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Based upon her adult bestselling memoir and chart-topping podcast, How to Fail, this is a highly accessible and lively presentation of the author’s belief that embracing failure as an opportunity to learn, is the key to enhanced resilience and ultimately happiness.

Recognising that everyone fails and reframing negative thoughts about yourself and seeing failure as a step on the way to success as Albert Einstein himself said ( in one of the many real life quotes highlighted throughout the text) is at the heart of this strategy for life. At a time when the media promotes unattainable images of perfection this is a really important message for teens to take in, especially when the pressures to succeed and get the highest grades in exams is ever present.

The author identifies seven key principles of Failosophy and in each chapter there are practical exercises to help the reader put the advice into the context of their own situation- to work on their ‘mental muscles’. The personal and relevant anecdotes and case studies from the author and from celebrities who have appeared on her podcast, all help to illustrate that failure happens to everyone. The engaging and non-patronising tone is perfectly pitched and the advice and analysis is perceptive and relatable and this will be a valuable and popular resource for parents.

Joanne Owen

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