A Lawyer's Story

by Paul Carlin

Political / Legal Thrillers Crime and Mystery Historical fiction Thriller and Suspense

LoveReading Expert Review of A Lawyer's Story

Paul Carlin’s ‘A Lawyer’s Story’ is a twisting and thrilling mystery filled with deceit and corruption. John Farrelly is a naïve young lawyer, forever in the shadow of his twin brother James and obsessed with a young single mother, Ava. Drawn into a web of secrets, where old patients are poisoned for their wealth, John has to choose between the object of his obsession and his family. 

'A Lawyer’s Story’ focuses on John's reflections on his life, the actions he took early in his career as a young property lawyer in his father’s firm and the consequences of his actions. This is a thrilling read, rich in detail and infused with character. This is one of those books that has imagery that makes you pause and appreciate the writing “like a missing tooth in a punched mouth.” being the first of such instances for me. Taking us from 1947 to 2012, we see the landscape and the characters change from post war to the modern era, we see the characters develop and there’s time for the shadows of the past to slowly creep up and envelop the main characters.

I found this novel a tense and gripping read. The flipping of perspectives between John and James allows you to witness events from both brothers, frame your opinions and sometimes have your theories on what happened unravelled. A great read for any crime thriller fans and one I’d recommend.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

A Lawyer's Story Synopsis

John Farrelly, a naïve, young property lawyer, is struggling to find his feet in austerity blighted, post-war Britain. An affluent, elderly widow is persuaded to change her will in favour of her impoverished carer. The widow is poisoned. The carer is charged with murder. Representing the carer catapults John into the unfamiliar, hostile and adversarial world of criminal litigation. Troubling questions soon arise. What has his idolised, charismatic but scheming brother got to hide? Does John know too much? Is this really a job that he should have taken? Its a capital offence, there are no second chances. Someone's life depends on the decisions John takes. Or doesn't take. Guilty or not guilty there will be ramifications. Finally, when its over, can he move on without a backward glance? Or will the shadows of the past catch up with him threatening his perfect lifestyle, his reputation, even his very existence?

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ISBN: 9781528921053
Publication date: 31st March 2021
Author: Paul Carlin
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 316 pages
Primary Genre Political / Legal Thrillers
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ISBN: 9781528921053
Publication date: 31/03/2021
Format: Paperback

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