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In Black and White

"A truly thought provoking memoir by a young barrister who has overcome sexist and racist obstacles aplenty to become a clarion voice for change."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Inspired to enter the legal profession following the tragic death of a dear friend, Wilson exposes a broken and unfair legal system in this eye-opening, mindset-changing memoir.

She shows that it is possible to be a mixed race young woman and succeed in the rarefied world of the legal and judicial system, designed for a different time and maintained by a privileged few, with its arcane and archaic rites and traditions. Not easily, it must be said, but possible.

Through her direct and personal account of the bigotry she has witnessed and faced, she also illustrates and confronts the inequality of our legal system, stating clearly that not all black young men who appear in court are gang members and not all young black women who attend court are defendants or relatives of defendants. 

It sounds appalling when stated so boldly, but having been mistaken for such when in court herself as counsel – on numerous occasions on the same day - Wilson knows only too well of what she speaks and she does so with such clarity it is hard not to feel utter shame for what is still an all too enduring national stereotype.

Equally riveting and inspirational, Wilson’s book clearly outlines the changes that the system needs and shows that she has the intelligence and commitment to make it happen.

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