Twilight of Innocence

by I R Craig

Modern and Contemporary Fiction Thriller and Suspense Crime and Mystery Literary Fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of Twilight of Innocence

‘Twilight of Innocence’ is a mystery that follows a resourceful vigilante grandfather a hero-figure pilot and fiery investigative journalist looking to uncover and derail a child sex traffic ring. 

The mystery around Andreas in the opening made me intrigued. I was eager to learn more about this mysterious man working to capture and interrogate members of the sex trafficking ring using highly specialised methods in order to release and rescue the victims. The subtle hints and brief descriptions were a brilliant introduction to this character, conveying his age and experience briefly, while keeping the quest front and center. As I read I wanted to learn more about this shadow-y figure’s mission as well as more about his past and what he’s had to do in the past in order to acquire his interrogation skills. 

I was less enamoured with Rebecca and Jon as we are introduced to them, I think the repartee between them, at the end of the contentious flight from Scotland as an example, could have been a bit snappier in my opinion, but I was interested in learning more about both characters and their motives as well as their inevitable connection. Their story and relationship within this dark mystery reminded me a little bit of Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher, and so I was keen to learn more about how they would merge with the Taken style storyline set up with Andreas. 

This is an interesting and entertaining read that feels like it will have widespread appeal to fans of mysteries, thrillers and action books. There is a dark subject matter at its core but there’s plenty of twists, turns and details throughout that keep you entertained. Action packed and thrilling this is a book I would definitely recommend.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador 

LoveReading Ambassador

Twilight of Innocence Synopsis

Anna Kühn, a young girl, is abducted in Germany and trafficked through Europe to an unknown destination and fate. In pursuit is the one man who has the skills and experience to save her. Helped by a beautiful, but naïve, investigative journalist and a military trained underwater explorer and pilot, the three of them team up in a race against time to rescue Anna, whilst uncovering a festering web of global child abuse, corruption and death managed by the queen of serial killers.

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ISBN: 9781664114012
Publication date: 18th December 2021
Author: I R Craig
Publisher: Xlibris UK
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Indie Author Books
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