Evolve Your Brain

by Joe Dispenza, DC

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Evolve Your Brain Synopsis

Joe Dispenza, DC, has spent decades studying the human mind-how it works, how it stores information, and why it perpetuates the same behavioral patterns over and over. In the acclaimed film What the Bleep Do We Know!? he began to explain how the brain evolves-by learning new skills, developing the ability to concentrate in the midst of chaos, and even healing the body and the psyche. Evolve Your Brain presents this information in depth, while helping you take control of your mind, explaining how thoughts can create chemical reactions that keep you addicted to patterns and feelings-including ones that make you unhappy. And when you know how these bad habits are created, it's possible to not only break these patterns, but also reprogram and evolve your brain, so that new, positive, and beneficial habits can take over.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781515986430
Publication date: 17th January 2017
Author: Joe Dispenza, DC
Publisher: Tantor Audio an imprint of Tantor Media, Inc.
Format: Audiobook
Primary Genre Self-help, personal development and practical advice
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ISBN: 9781515986430
Publication date: 17/01/2017
Format: Audiobook

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