Life In Full Colors

by Corry MacDonald

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LoveReading Expert Review of Life In Full Colors

The Life in Full Colors: Unlock Your Childlike Curosity to Uncover and Activate the Creative Intelligence is a clear, easy read to read book, the book is written in an informal friendly style, like a conversation with a close friend. It’s like a calming voice telling you what to do. There are 7 steps to creating a life in full colour and she talks about Creative Intelligence which we all have but just need to find and activate. I especially like that Corry has a refresh and review which is a bullet point summary of the main things talked about, at the end of each chapter. I find the book is like a gentle step by step guide with lots hugs and reassurances.

Maisie Hoang, A LoveReading Ambassador 

LoveReading Ambassador

Life In Full Colors Synopsis

Isn't it incredible what upcycle artists can do with discarded and broken materials? Picking up seemingly worthless pieces to transform them into something wonderful.

Did you know you have the innate ability to do this with your life?

Life In Full Colors presents a unique seven-step creative process for reframing your perceived “problems” in order to access the myriad potentials you hold, revealing how you can create your own lines to ply your unique colors into your daily life challenges.

More than a passive read, this book is an invitation to uncover and activate what is already within you: your powerful Creative Intelligence. Corry MacDonald, an expressive artist and transpersonal art therapist will teach you how to ignite your childlike curiosity, blending consciousness and creative alchemy for self-healing and inner and outer transformation.

While we have seen all manner of self-soothing coloring books for those craving inner calm, this is NOT that kind of book. Corry weaves her own life experiences into the discoveries of those who have taken part in her workshops and private sessions, whether in Bangkok's slums or Dubai's boardrooms, Corry's shared stories point to an often ignored door that absolutely everyone has access to. Far more than the eyes can see, this inward journey will take you on a transformational creative journey to unlock the potentials you hold.

Within these pages you will uncover:

  • How your personal challenges can be doors to inner Divinity
  • A way to integrate your Thinking Mind with your Feeling Mind
  • How to shape and be supported by your inner and outer creative space
  • A playful way to clear your head while activating your innate Creative Intelligence
  • A potent 7-step process for pivoting heavy-hued emotions into light
  • How the growth and healing you create for yourself benefits all of creation
  • Creative Sparks to integrate the illuminations you receive directly into your life

If you want to see your awareness reflected back to you in your authentic colors, lines and shapes as you creatively up-cycle all that is playing out before you: high-lights, low-lights and every hue in between, this is THAT book. Be ready to expand and create the ease and joy-filled life you imagined living.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781735496702
Publication date: 28th December 2020
Author: Corry MacDonald
Publisher: Corry MacDonald
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 240 pages
Primary Genre Indie Author Books
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????? “It’s like yoga with crayons! A great gift for anyone on the spiritual path which is seeking union and alignment with their whole colorful self." - Reviewer

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ISBN: 9781735496702
Publication date: 28/12/2020
Format: Paperback

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