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Poetry Inspired by Oliver Fantasy and Friendship

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Poetry Inspired By Oliver Fantasy & Friendship is a collection of poems I’m sure a lot of us have felt we could have written at one point in our lives or another. Following the thread of an unrequited or, as it says in the synopsis, “perhaps unrecognised” love. This collection of poems cover meeting, getting to know and desiring a person, her muse, as well as including brief italicised comments about the feelings or events that inspired the poem above. These are written quite poetically themselves.

This is an indulgent collection of poetry that explores both friendship and sensual/erotic desires for a person. I think that  most people will be able to find something to relate to although there is certainly bravery and honesty here in publishing these poems for all to read. There is a part of me that wonders whether Oliver is a real person and how he feels about these poems and that fact that they have been published. The tone of the collection reminds me of Andrew Lincoln’s character in Love Actually. I think there’s an argument to be had for whether these poems are a romantic gesture or perhaps should remain as private thoughts, and I think it depends on whether these poems are inspired by one person, and what their reaction is. I’m undecided about where I fall on that spectrum of debate, but taking the poetry collection on its own, I admire the vulnerability required to share these private thoughts with us and I like how it creatively explores the themes of unrequited love. This is a poetry collection that is quick and easy to get through to form your own reaction.

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To me it feels like a love story about yourself. The poem being her heart, desire/ passion and her explanation being the rational brain part.

The enticing poems and present day recounts gives an interesting twist to narrative. It’s interwinds both her yearnings and what actually happens to the point where you don’t know which part is true. Did things that she write in her poem actually happen or is it just what she lusts after. 

To me it feels like a love story about yourself.... Read Full Review

Maisie Hoang