The Charmed Wife

by Olga Grushin

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LoveReading Expert Review of The Charmed Wife

If you’ve ever pondered the meaning of 'happily ever after', then this unique, modern, and thought-provoking literary fairy tale is a must-read.

A powerful, provocative and quite wonderful modern literary fairy tale, but if you enter expecting ‘happily ever after’ you’ll be sorely disappointed. Rather than sugar and spice and all things nice, you’ll instead find a novel brimming with exquisitely sharp and pointed attitude. Thirteen and a half years after Cinderella married the man of her dreams and she’s had enough, she wants out. The prologue pierces love, and binds hate, firmly setting the tone, yet wicked humour and gentle observations also tickle the page. The echoes of well known fairy tales make themselves felt, adding to the enchantment. There is much to take delight in, yet beware, all magic is paid for and you’ll need to be on the look out for hidden snares. I adore the tale that runs alongside the main story, of the two mice that accompanied Cinderella and live in a world circling through an entire civilisation. How easy it is to view what you want to see, rather than what is actually there. As the fairy tale splinters and a shimmer of reality breaks through, I found my thoughts tossed high in the air, and where they will land, I still don’t know. So bright, so clever, and thought-provoking this just had to sit as a Liz Pick of the Month. I danced through the deep dark magic of The Charmed Wife, long live the fairy tale that lives beyond 'happily ever after'.

Liz Robinson

The Charmed Wife Synopsis

One of Oprah Magazine's Most Anticipated Books of 2021! 'Genre-bending and darkly comic, Grushin's fourth novel is a weird and wonderful triumph.' And they lived happily ever after . . . didn't they?

Cinderella married the man of her dreams - the perfect ending she deserved after diligently following all the fairy-tale rules. Yet now, two children and thirteen-and-a-half years later, things have gone badly wrong.

One night, she sneaks out of the palace to get help from the Witch who, for a price, offers love potions to disgruntled housewives. But as the old hag flings the last ingredients into the cauldron, Cinderella doesn't ask for a love spell to win back her Prince Charming.

Instead, she wants him dead.

Endlessly surprising and wildly inventive, The Charmed Wife is a sophisticated literary fairy tale for the twenty-first century that weaves together time and place, fantasy and reality, to conjure a world unlike any other. Nothing in it is quite what it seems, and the twists and turns of its magical, dark, swiftly shifting paths take us deep into the heart of romance, marriage and the very nature of storytelling.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781529346374
Publication date: 21st January 2021
Author: Olga Grushin
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 288 pages
Primary Genre Literary Fiction
Other Genres:

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Olga Grushin Press Reviews

In The Charmed Wife, Olga Grushin turns the fairy tale romance on its head, and then just keeps turning it, playfully, subversively, brilliantly: a feat of fierce imagination. - Jess Walter, author of Beautiful Ruins

Lush and powerful, The Charmed Wife is brimful of magic and the seething darkness that lies beneath the glittering surface of every good fairy tale. - Leife Shallcross, author of The Beast's Heart

THE CHARMED WIFE is a thought-provoking, wickedly clever, and beautifully written fairy tale character study that enchants at every turn. Olga Grushin dissects fairy tales, marriage, and the messy human heart with a pen as sharp as any scalpel. - Melissa Bashardoust

Dark and dreamy. Inside the plot, magic comes and goes. But inside the reader, it's all magic - all of us happily caught in Grushin's hypnotic spell. - Karen Joy Fowler, author of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

The comedy is devastating in this autopsy of a marriage that dies of happily ever after syndrome. Seldom has such emotional realism been spied in the precincts of wild magic. This alumna of the Cinderella marriage is overwhelmed, over-enchanted, and so over it. Fall under its charms, I dare you. - Gregory Maguire, author of WICKED

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ISBN: 9781529346374
Publication date: 21/01/2021
Format: Hardback

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Olga Grushin is the author of Forty Rooms, The Line and The Dream Life of Sukhanov, which won the New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award and earned her a place on Granta's Best Young American Novelists list. It was also a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Award for First Fiction and the Orange Prize for New Writers, and was one of The New York Times' Notable Books of the Year. Both it and her second novel, The Line, were among the Washington Post's Ten Best Books of the Year. Born in Moscow and having moved to the ...

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The Charmed Wife
The Charmed Wife
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