Strange Karma

by Willow Healy

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LoveReading Expert Review of Strange Karma

The scene is set immediately when the reader finds themselves on Everest, hearing accounts of an historic expedition. Strange Karma centres around two jewels found during this expedition and the secrets that are connected to them. The narrative follows the events of the past and modern day, as Cynthia Graham tries to learn more about the mysterious and dramatic events that took place on her great grandfather’s trip in 1924.

I loved the description of the settings, I love being in the mountains myself and the imagery used drew me right into the story from the outset. The locations and details of the expeditions I think give this book appeal for readers of adventures. Amongst the beautiful and harsh backdrop the suspense builds as Cynthia and her guide Dorje try to solve the mysteries she’s uncovered. I like how the story developed, with tension weaved into the plot. 

Strange Karma reminded me a bit of The Moonstone, that idea of the mystery being centred around a cursed stone. I also felt that there was a classical feel to the writing throughout and I think that helped balance the events of the past and the present throughout the book.

Overall I really enjoyed this story and I think that it is a great one for mystery fans.

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Strange Karma Synopsis

Strange Karma, is a mystery/ thriller set in two eras: 1920s England and Tibet, and the present-day Himalayan mountains.

Mountain climber Cynthia Graham learns, to her peril, that some inheritances can trigger a deadly avalanche of events that reverberate through time. She finds, in her deceased grandmother’s desk, a secret compartment with a red diamond, the world’s rarest gem, along with a batch of her great grandfather, Andrew Irvine’s, 1924 Mount Everest expedition letters, which tell of a homicidal Sherpa, a murdered Buddhist monk, and the existence of a missing twin to her red diamond. Intrigued, she travels to Nepal and, guided by ex-Gurkha soldier Dorje, attempts to solve the mystery. But, when multiple attempts are made on her life, she realizes that some secrets should remain forever buried...

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ISBN: 9781647184506
Publication date: 25th April 2020
Author: Willow Healy
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 358 pages
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ISBN: 9781647184506
Publication date: 25/04/2020
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