Bad Days in Broadacre

by Ed Crutchley

Action Adventure Humorous Fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of Bad Days in Broadacre

Bad Days in Broadacre is a melodrama with dramatic twists that you won’t be expecting. When Bill moves his family to New England, America in order to work on a new screen-writing project, he would never have predicted what was going to happen. This book doesn’t just focus on Bill and his family, we begin with an insight into a more sinister character and lean more about the townspeople of Broadacre along the way. 

The author has done a brilliant job creating a town right out of a soap opera, with lots of quirky characters, people keeping secrets, murders and civil disputes with the Broadacre Historical Society to keep the reader interested and entertained if not slightly beguiled about where exactly the plot is headed. 

I was slightly confused as the book started out, as the synopsis states that Bad Days in Broadacre would follow Bill, A struggling screenwriter recently moved to the USA, however he isn’t the first person we meet, which I found a bit disorientating. I understand that the author wouldn’t want to give too much away, but I think it would be a good idea for the synopsis to be tweaked slightly to reflect the book's wider focus on the town, as well as Bill and his family.

As I have said, there are a lot of dramatic turns of events throughout the plot which I found entertaining. This is a plot that requires you to suspend your disbelief and revel in the chaos. I found that the book came together nicely at the end, and all of the questions I had were answered by the final page. 

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Bad Days in Broadacre Synopsis

A struggling screenwriter is invited to 1990s USA to prepare a television drama series in New York. For peace and tranquility, he installs his family in a small and enchanting town in New England, but life at home soon finds itself competing with his script for entertainment.

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