Contact Zero

by David Wolstencroft

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Four fledgling MI5-trained spies meet serious trouble on their first assignments and are forced to cut loose and find the unknown place ‘Contact Zero’ that is reputed to be a sanctuary.  Naturally in this sort of tale there are tests, suspicions and jealousies, unknown moles, double-crossing or pure manipulation.  Who is to know the difference and certainly we, the readers, are kept guessing.  This is good easy-reading stuff, well worth a try.  The author is the creator of the TV drama Spooks.

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Contact Zero Synopsis

Who, what or where is Contact Zero? Deep in the mythology of the Service, whispered in training, clung to in moments of despair, is the belief that it is out there, the last chance saloon. You think you're beaten, betrayed and utterly alone, but maybe you're not. Maybe you get your one shot at rescue, if not redemption. Contact Zero: run by members of the Service, for members of the Service. When an operation is mortally compromised in David Wolstencroft's fabulous second novel, four first-year probationary agents, cut adrift in four corners of the World, must put Contact Zero to the test. But first they have to find it.

And maybe one of the youngsters isn't quite as innocent as the others...

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780340831663
Publication date: 28th June 2007
Author: David Wolstencroft
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Format: Paperback (a Format)
Primary Genre Espionage and Spy Thriller

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ISBN: 9780340831663
Publication date: 28/06/2007
Format: Paperback (a Format)

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About David Wolstencroft

David Wolstencroft was born in 1969. He grew up in Edinburgh but now lives in Los Angeles. He is the creator of SPOOKS, the BAFTA award-winning spy drama, produced by Kudos for BBC ONE, and the author of GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS.Photograph © Jerry Bauer 

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