Priest of Bones

by Peter McLean

Part of the War for the Rose Throne Series

Science Fiction

Priest of Bones Synopsis

'Charismatic and very more-ish' Mark Lawrence, bestselling author of Red Sister 'Sixty-five thousand battle-shocked, trained killers came home to no jobs, no food and the plague. What did Her Majesty think was going to happen?' Tomas Piety takes his duties seriously: as a soldier, as a priest of Our Lady of Eternal Sorrows and as a leader of men. He has come home from the war to reclaim his family business, to provide for his men and to ensure the horrors of Abingon can never happen in Ellinburg. But things have changed: his crime empire has been stolen and the people of Ellinburg - his people - have run out of food and hope and places to hide. With his best friend Bloody Anne, his war-damaged brother Jochan and his new gang, the Pious Men, Tomas sets out to reclaim what was his. And as Tomas is dragged into a web of political intrigue by the sinister Queen's Men, forced to work against the foreign infiltrators lurking in the backstreet taverns, brothels and gambling dens of the Stink, one thing becomes clear. The war has just begun. 'Fans of Daniel Polansky, Mark Lawrence or, dare I say, Blackwing will most appreciate this book' - Ed McDonald, author of Blackwing

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781787473492
Publication date: 2nd May 2019
Author: Peter McLean
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books an imprint of Quercus Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 352 pages
Primary Genre Science Fiction

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Peter McLean Press Reviews

A rattling good time for anyone who wishes there was more mob in their genre lit - SciFiNow

I can safely say that this will be the book dark fantasy and grimdark fans will be raving about at the end of this year . . . one of the finest grimdark books of the year - Fantasy Book Review

The plot is intriguing and the pace is fast. There is plenty of action, in fact, frankly, never a dull moment - The Speculative Herald on Drake

A gripping tale full of action, mystery and death - Rambles, Writings and Amusing Musings on Drake

A grimy, morally ambiguous tale, packed full of action and ideas. It's blunt and brutal and very compelling - Geek Dad on Drake

The plot whips along at a cracking pace and there are enough twists and turns to keep any reader more than happy - The Eloquent Page on Dominion

Snarky, pacy and hellishly fun. Don Drake is just the sort of hero, with just the sort of life, to make you feel good about yourself. Dark and delightful, like a naughty treat, this is a rollicking story - Francis Knight, author of Fade to Black on Dominion

Peter McLean continues to knock it out of the park. 5 stars - San Franciso Book Review on Damnation

This is a cracking book that is part of a cracking series. Highly recommended - The Eloquent Page on Damnation

If violence and planning, honour among thieves and treachery among lawmen, blood and profanity and spies and explosions are your thing, Priest of Bones is the book for you. Get it. Read it. Wait impatiently for the sequel - J.C. Nelson, author of The Reburialist

Absolutely sensational . . .The prose is smooth and easy to follow, and that combined with a flowing story, an even pace and a rising tempo, result in one of those books that you could easily read in one go. All in all, Priest of Bones is Low Fantasy at its finest, and I wouldn't hesitate to call it the Fantasy Debut of the Year - Booknest

Priest of Bones is a fast-paced fantasy filled with magic and combat, but with the intrigue and strategy of a crime thriller. McLean writes soldiers and their experience of returning from war like someone who has been there. There is excellent character development throughout; I'd follow the Piety brothers through any story - Michael Mammay, author of Planetside

Exciting, narratively taut and a commentary on the terrible things war and violence do to people . . . I wish I had written this - RJ Barker, author of Age of Assassins

I found myself immediately sucked in to the grim and very dark world McLean has created . . . I loved this book and can't wait for the next one. - Sue Tingey, author of Marked

Bringing to mind a fantastical Peaky Blinders, Peter McLean's new novel Priest of Bones is informed just as much by his favourite TV shows as by his love of 'swords and horses' fantasy fiction - SFX

Peaky Blinders with swords -- Joel Cunningham - Barnes and Noble

Fresh and compelling . . . Mashing together soldiers, gangsters, magic and war into a heady mix that is a hulking big brother to The Lies of Locke Lamora, this is the first in an unmissable series - Anna Stephens, author of Godblind

Priest of Bones can be effectively summarised as gangsters in fantasyville . McLean manages to combine two of my most liked elements in fantasy - a quick-moving plot and characters with realistic relationships. Fans of Daniel Polansky, Mark Lawrence or, dare I say, Blackwing will most appreciate this book - Ed McDonald, author of Blackwing

A charismatic and very more-ish book with solid prose and a strong voice. Priest of Bones is a story of organised crime with shades of the Godfather. It sounds grim and dark . . . and it is . . . but our priest of bones is quite the humanitarian for a ruthless crime lord. With high-tempo action it's just very fun to read - Mark Lawrence, author of Red Sister

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Peter McLean was born near London and grew up in the Norwich alternative scene, alternating dingy nightclubs with studying martial arts and practical magic before settling to a career in corporate IT. His first novels, the Burned Man series, are noir urban fantasy.

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Priest of Bones
Priest of Bones
Priest of Bones
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