Man v Fat

by Andrew Shanahan

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Men fare badly when they come to look for a diet book, they don’t all want to look like muscle man and many mainstream diets often don’t take a male perpective so Andrew Shanahan (who used to be fat) started ManvFat to help men lose weight. There’s inspiration and perspiration, diet plans and exercise challenges, recipes to enjoy making part of your routine and help with motivation. There’s an element of fun too in the book, a we’re all in this together feel that acts as a great motivator.


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Man v Fat Synopsis

One day Andrew Shanahan took a guttie to text to a mate. But once he had taken the picture he couldn't stop looking at it. The sheer horror of it forced him to wake up and realise how unhappy he was about his body and then resolve to change it. He soon realised that the dieting industry had turned its back on men. Men were expected to get fit, tone up and turn fat into a six-pack in six weeks. But there was nothing for men who simply didn't want a beer belly any more. In Man v Fat, Andrew Shanahan breaks down weight loss into its essential components. Based on his own experiences and research into the world of dieting and dietitians, this book will tell men what they need to know about losing weight, demystifying the nonsense around the subject and arming readers with everything they need to win their own battle against fat. Man v Fat is about three steps: 1. Understand why you got fat. 2. Learn how to lose weight. 3. Create a winning structure. Chapters include: What happened? Why am I fat?; The science of weight loss explained (it's comically simple); Getting your head right; Which diet is right for you; Sweating it out; The ways you are going to screw this up - and how not to; My mate says; The Essential Weight Loss Equipment; Your plan for a perfect month.

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ISBN: 9781472225283
Publication date: 01/01/2015
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing an imprint of Headline Publishing Group
Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781472225283
Publication date: 1st January 2015
Author: Andrew Shanahan
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing an imprint of Headline Publishing Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 240 pages
Genres: eBook Favourites, Lifestyle & Health,
Categories: Diets & dieting, Men's health,

About Andrew Shanahan

Andrew Shanahan is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur who runs the world's best free weight-loss magazine for men: His previous project,, was a men's wedding website helping grooms, best men and fathers of the bride to enjoy the wedding. By the time it was sold the community was helping over a million men a year. From his work writing about food for The Guardian and being named one of the country's best restaurant critics by the Independent on Sunday, weight has always been an issue. The recent experience of losing a lot of weight ...

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