The Extra Large Medium

by Helen Slavin

Modern and Classic Literary Fiction Relationship Stories

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A charming book with gentle humour and lots of heart.  It’s no spooky ghost story, just the tale of a woman who can do something most people cannot, communicate with the dead.  We follow her search for a purpose and an emotional home.  Light and easy, it’s a joy to curl up with.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Comparison: Alice Sebold, Ben Sherwood, Hilary Mantel.

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The Extra Large Medium Synopsis

Annie Colville talks to the people who wear chocolate brown. They come to her to tell of the lost key behind the sofa, the Crown Derby coffee sets, the clematis that needs a good prune. Annie Colville has long since learned that death does not a philosopher of Auntie Mabel make.

Since she was a child Annie has been able to see and speak to the dead. But when her husband disappears suddenly he does not come to visit her. So is Evan still alive? During her long wait to discover what happened to Evan Bees, Annie searches through her mother’s vast collection of lovers for the other missing man in her life, and struggles with the people and the responsibilities her gifts bring to her. Who is the mysterious girl who sits by the lake at the Country Park? What happened to the lost woman her sister has spent the last ten years trying to find, keeping her beloved sibling alive through memories? And why are so many of the dead voices called Jim?

The Extra Large Medium Press Reviews

“A very, very good novel. Not a wasted word. Helen Slavin has a highly original talent and is very much a writer to watch.” BERYL BAINBRIDGE 

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ISBN: 9781902421148
Publication date: 09/05/2006
Publisher: Long Barn Books
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781902421148
Publication date: 9th May 2006
Author: Helen Slavin
Publisher: Long Barn Books
Format: Paperback
Genres: Literary Fiction, Relationship Stories,

About Helen Slavin

Helen Slavin was born in Heywood in Lancashire in 1966. She was raised by eccentric parents on a diet of Laurel and Hardy, William Shakespeare and the Blackpool Illuminations.  Educated at her local comp her favourite subjects at school were English and Going Home. After The University of Warwick she worked in many jobs including, plant and access hire,  a local government Education department typing pool, and a vasectomy clinic.  A job as a  television scriptwriter gave her the opportunity to spend all day drinking tea,  living in a made-up fantasy world and getting paid for ...

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