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A Kill in the Morning

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A riotous ride through alternate history where Churchill died in 1941 and the world followed a very different path to our own after England and Germany sign a peace treaty. There is now a Cold War between the two countries, Adolf Hitler is about to be dethroned by the treacherous head of the SS who wants the world conflict to be triggered again and a lone British assassin with a touch of James Bond and Tarantino embarks on a dizzy mission to decide the fate of the world. Sinister scientists in secret bunkers up to no good, beautiful female resistance heroines being hunted down and a breathless race against time. A dazzling cocktail of pulp thrills for the modern age. You can almost see the movie - in 3D of course...


Sarah Broadhurst's view...

It is the mid-1950s.  Britain and Germany have signed a peace treaty.  Germany controls Europe and Britain has kept her empire which now includes Israel.  A covert war is being fought by the respective secret service agencies.  Churchill has been assassinated and Eden is PM.  Our hero is a British agent.  Where to start with this romp?  I suppose if I tell you it was a runner up for the Terry Pratchett prize last year that will give you some idea as to its inventive nature.  Its alternative history with crazy chases and escapes and much, much more.  Well written, very smart and hugely enjoyable, this is quality pulpy fun.

Maxim Jakubowski

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