All Editions of The Suicide Club

by Rhys Thomas

The Suicide Club

The Suicide Club

Author: Rhys Thomas Format: Paperback Release Date: 04/03/2010

  March 2010 Debut of the Month.   My favourite first novel of the month.  A raw, compelling slice of teenage angst taken to the limits.  It tells of the ‘new boy’ influencing a bunch of misfits, loners, who need to belong and who embrace the idea of forming an elite group.  How he influences them and the dreadful consequences had me glued to the pages into the small hours.  All teenagers wonder what life is about and if it’s worth it.  This novel so captures that disillusionment, it’s painful.  Very highly recommended. Comparison: Donna Tartt (Secret History), Joe Dunthorne (Submarine).

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