All Editions of Betrayal

by David Gilman



Author: David Gilman Format: Hardback Release Date: 06/01/2022

If you get your reading kicks diving into an espionage thriller full of heart-pounding action running alongside a wickedly intricate plot, then hello, THIS is your book. Former Foreign Legion operative Dan Raglan is called to support a Pentagon intelligence officer and ex-comrade. Joining the first novel The Englishman as a LoveReading Star Book, Betrayal continues The Englishman Series in fine style and cements these books as ones to follow. This is a series where you can just throw yourself in with abandon and trust in David Gilman. The main man Raglan is most definitely someone you would want on your side, however he operates within a murky field of grey obeying his own set of rules and conscience. The other characters support the energy that builds around Raglan, and highlight his essence and caliber. The highly volatile nature of work within the intelligence community is confirmed and trust is in very short supply. As with the first novel Raglan travels to different countries, and the fiery finale plays out in the Honduran rainforest. Charging around the world works so successfully as it not only adds to the intensity but also confirms Raglan’s skills and willingness to do whatever is needed. Allowing a much-needed escape from reality, Betrayal is an absolute corker of a read and as energising and satisfying as can be.

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