It's finally here! Another series of Bridgerton has arrived and yet again grabbed us by the throat. If like us you've already binged all of the episodes by the end of the first weekend and are now back to having a hole in your life where the 'Ton should be, fear not. We have the perfect remedy with these period romances that are bound to capture your heart while you wait for the next instalment from Julia Quinn, Netflix and Shondaland.

If you haven't already done so, you can read all of the Bridgerton family's stories with Julia Quinn's original novel series. Starting as the TV series did with Daphne's story in The Duke & I, get swept up into this regency world of romance, secrets and scandal. We've also included the new instalment to the Bridgerton world, written to accompany the on screen story, Queen Charlotte which is set some 50 years before the rest and tells a provocative story focusing on Bridgerton's Queen Charlotte and King George III. 

Lex Croucher delivers a classic rom-com with a regency era twist with Reputation. Georgiana Ellers is introduced to the upper echelons of Regency society through the enigmatic Frances Campbell, but is high society, with its wild parties, drunken debaucheries and mysterious young men all it's cracked up to be? Croucher has also released Infamous and Trouble which is described by Lily Lindon, one of our Editorial Experts as having "a breathless momentum that makes it genuinely hard to put down". 

Katy Moran's completed Regency Romance Trilogy was inspired after she found a Georgette Heyer novel (she's featured in our list too) on her shelf and fell into a world of practical heroines and charismatic heroes. Throughout the series she brings an alternative historical world to life, set in a time in which Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo. Strap yourself in and be entertained and enthralled with regency romance, rebellion, rakes, rascals and romps galore.

If you like rewritten history and reimagined classics then why not take a look at Fair Rosaline, a "splendid subversion of Romeo and Juliet". The Other Bennet Sister provides a chance to get to know Elizabeth Bennet's middle sister Mary, and cheer for her like never before. The Manor House Governess is an interesting mix of historical and modern as it retells the story of Jane Eyre, this time with a delicate gender-nonconforming governess.

Sophie Irwin's A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting is described by Liz Robinson as "delightfully charming, witty, and spirited, this historical debut contains a leading lady chasing a fortune." The season is about to begin and it's just twelve weeks until Kitty Talbot and her sisters are made homeless, she's launching herself into London society because she needs a fortune, and fast. 

Dilly Court is the queen of romantic sagas and The Reluctant Heiress is truly lovely and heart-warming. Containing wonderful courtship, dastardly deeds, and plenty of family drama, this is a riveting read and the best part is that Dilly Court has a wealth of stories you can fall in love with after.

We hope these recommendations can tide you over to the end of season 3 of Bridgerton and beyond. If you're still looking for more romance you can find more with our Exploring Romance Tropes and #RespectRomFic Collections.