Mothers DayIn case (God forbid!) you had forgotten, Mother's Day this year is on 2 March. It's the one day of the year when traditional roles are reversed and mothers should be pampered and spoilt by their children.

So, what better present for the occasion than a book? While you are preparing her breakfast in bed, topping up her drink, or washing up after Sunday lunch, let Mum put her feet up and escape into a great book. We've pulled together a selection of titles guaranteed to give lots of enjoyment, and to win you enough motherly love to get through another year! Happy Mother's Day.


Also this month:

AUTHOR OF THE MONTHBook of the Month is the thriller The Watchman from Robert Crais. A chance encounter leaves a rich socialite as a target for contract killers and she needs protection. Cracking stuff and definitely a book to be read in a single sitting!


AUTHOR OF THE MONTHMeltdownDebut of the Month is The Bethlehem Murders, an insightful novel about modern Palestinian society by Matt Rees. A hugely exciting and believable story that explores the factions and mutual suspicions of a troubled state.


The Romantic NovelistsThe Romantic Novelists' Association book of the year. Won by Pillow Talk by Freya North, a wonderfully uplifting novel of love and life.



AUTHOR OF THE MONTHAuthor of the Month for February is the enigmatic dual personality writer Iain Banks. His Sci Fi 'Culture' books, written as Iain M Banks are breathtaking and redefine the genre - the latest one Matter is out this month. Classics written as Iain Banks include The Wasp Factory and Complicity and his latest A Steep Approach to Garbadale. Find out more in our special section


Finally March 6 sees this year's World book day. We will be featuring our favourites from the list of 100 titles that the World Book Day committee want you to help 'Spread the Word'. You can see the total list at and vote for your favourites and from March we will have a special section on our site with our 'top picks'.So please enjoy some free Opening Extracts of these great books and buy them with a 25% discount off the RRP.