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Born in India, Anil Nijhawan now lives in the UK with his wife Adarsh. Anil's career has embraced working in the computing industry and running his own business. A keep-fit enthusiast, he has run the London Marathon on several occasions. His hobbies include global travel and fine art painting in acrylics.

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A Cobra's Bite Doesn't Hurt

A Cobra's Bite Doesn't Hurt

Author: Anil Nijhawan Format: Paperback Release Date: 24/02/2020

A Cobra's Bite Doesn't Hurt by Anil Nijhawan is as potent and daring as the title suggests, but in a way that felt endearing and fondly reminiscent. Kalu "Cobra" is an impoverished orphan boy who grew up in a mice and cockroach ridden orphanage, called Durga Bhabi Bal Kalyan in Haridwar, India. He often spends his days staring out the window of his hidden alcove, dreaming of escape. Then one day, his fortunes seemingly change when he is forced to work for some gangsters as a pickpocket, out in the big city of Bangalore. His retrospective tale, recorded on an old Japanese Sanyo is addressed to the leader of his country, Mr Narendra Modi, who claims to care for the poor and dispossessed but whose actions prove the opposite to be true. This book is an unfiltered recollection, rich in cultural representation, that I very much adored reading, despite my minor grievances with the writing. I felt like the execution of the story, the pacing, the development of Kalu's endearing character and the cultural undertones more than compensated for this and made me empathise with Kalu's plight. It was a candid statement about the tragic path that often results owing to a lack of opportunity because of a person's social class. Put simply, I can't wait to own it! Lois Cudjoe, A LoveReading Ambassador

Other books by Anil Nijhawan

The Reluctant Pickpocket

The Reluctant Pickpocket

Author: Anil Nijhawan Format: Paperback Release Date: 19/10/2015

The Reluctant Pickpocket is a gripping page turner and a challenging, beautifully written account of modern life, moving but unsentimental. Grief, loss, loneliness, fate and the nature of good and evil, it has rich cast of characters on broad social canvas. Abandoned at birth, Carlos doesn't know his surname or the day of his birth. At fifteen he is taken away by Dimitru, a Romanian gangster, from the orphanage he has lived all his life and put through a crash course of pick-pocketing. Once trained, he is trafficked to Manchester to join a team of similarly skilled pickpockets. Initially Carlos sees it as an adventure and is happy to oblige his masters. But when he finds an immensely sentimental love letter, written by Saira and addressed to a Michael, in a wallet he has picked off an old man his life changes totally. He is so moved by its content that he vows to do whatever it will take to return it to its owner.

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