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June Sarpong MBE (born 31 May 1977) is one of the most recognisable British television presenters and broadcasters. She's also the co-founder of the WIE Network (Women:Inspiration and Enterprise).

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The Power of Women

The Power of Women

Author: June Sarpong Format: Paperback Release Date: 23/08/2018

Feminism is often presented as a women's movement, but the truth is that harnessing women's untapped potential will make everyone better off... including men! Looking to our personal relationships, social and cultural climate and business and economic potential, The Power of Women debunks the myths around feminism, and proves why an intersectional approach to bringing women to the table is key to personal, social and economic progress for society as a whole. Praise for June Sarpong's Diversify: `June Sarpong examines the research behind diversity and discrimination while grounding them in personal narratives, highlighting our common humanity.' Kofi Annan, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize `I am so glad June Sarpong is working on this matter of diversity.' Desmond Tutu A passionately written polemic You Magazine `An engaging read with lots of important and good ideas' Stylist `May prove to be our handbook to negotiate these troubled times' Psychologies



Author: June Sarpong Format: eBook Release Date: 19/10/2017

In troubling times, it's tempting to retreat to our comfort zones. To people just like us. But what if actively seeking the unfamiliar was proven to be the key to a brighter future ? both personally and for societyat large? In this fierce, empowering call to arms, June Sarpong MBE puts the spotlight on groups who are often marginalised in our society, including women, those living with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community. Diversify uncovers how a new approach to how we work, learn and live can help us reach our maximum potential, lessen the pressure on the state, and solve some of the most stubborn challenges we face. Drawing on new case studies ? from shared parental leave, to flexible teaching methods, to communal living for pensioners and students ? and with never-before published research from Oxford University, Diversify is an fierce and empowering guide to navigating a new way. And, alongside stellar research and inspiring stories are six simple and revolutionary exercises: the first steps on a journey to overcoming personal prejudice and reaping the huge rewards. The old way isn?t working. This is a case for change.

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