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After writing a children's book ten years ago, Max Nowaz sold his business to embark on writing career in 2009. He has completed several creative writing courses, including ones in Birkbeck and Faber. Max also wrote a play which was successful on stage. He is now enjoying working on his next novel.

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Author: Max Nowaz Format: eBook Release Date: 13/02/2018

Jim Brown, 153 years old, former highly successful Administrator in the Earth Policy Administration, is rotting in jail, ostensibly for tax fraud. In reality he is there for taking revenge and killing several people on the planet Levita, when he was swindled of his fortune, after meeting the beautiful Narissa.

Timbi's Dream

Timbi's Dream

Author: Max Nowaz Format: eBook Release Date: 05/02/2018

This is an adventure in rhyme, which aims to inspire young minds. Follow Timbi as he travels across a sequence of dreams, brought on by the effect of a strange jar of sun cream his grandmother left behind on her last visit. It has a very strange effect on Timbi that night - when he goes to sleep, he finds he can fly. When he tries to tell his family about his adventures, no one will believe him. What can Timbi do to convince his brothers?This story is told in simple rhyme form, which makes it interesting for young children and can help to aid learning and reasoning skills There's also a twist at the end of the story to fire their imaginations still further!

Get Rich or Get Lucky

Get Rich or Get Lucky

Author: Max Nowaz Format: eBook Release Date: 28/01/2017

Get Rich or Get Lucky is a gripping fantasy thriller that follows Adam who finds himself in control of a magic he never knew existed. After a string of disappointments with his literary career, Adam decides to embark on a get-rich-quick scheme by renovating run-down houses. By chance he discovers a book of magic in the basement of a derelict property and he can't believe his luck. Excited by his find, he invite his friends Dick and Charlie, to tell them about it. But things quickly take a turn for the worse when Adam inadvertently casts a spell which turns Dick into a crayfish. Adam is unable to reverse the spell immediately and while searching for the solution, leaves Dick in the garden pond, which gets flooded and Dick disappears. Dick's wife Rachael reports him missing and the police then accuse Adam of wrongdoing. Things continue to spiral out of control when Adam is burgled and the book gets stolen. He then discovers that a powerful, evil warlock is looking for the book. Adam finds himself in a race against time, to recover the book and thwart the warlock to stand any chance of bringing Dick back, if he can. From the author of the sci-fi adventure The Arbitrator, Get Rich or Get Lucky is a black humoured fantasy thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats. It will appeal to readers who enjoy fantasy fiction, in addition to those who also enjoy fast-paced thrillers.

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