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Patrick Kidd - Author

About the Author

Patrick Kidd is Editor of TMS, the Times Diary column, since 2013 and is also the paper's political sketch-writer. He joined the paper in 2001 as junior Diary flunkey under Giles Coren, working his way up to lackey before moving on to be a property journalist for three years. He has since written for most sections of the paper, including news, features and sport. He covered the London Olympics in 2012, the same year he was shortlisted in the Sports Journalism Awards, and has published two books before this anthology: The Best of Enemies (with Peter McGuinness), on the sporting rivalry between England and Australia, and The Worst of Rugby.

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The Worst of Rugby Violence and Foul Play in a Hooligans' Game Played by Gentlemen

The Worst of Rugby Violence and Foul Play in a Hooligans' Game Played by Gentlemen

Author: Patrick Kidd Format: Hardback Release Date: 30/04/2009

Subtitled 'Violence and Foul Play in a Hooligans' Game Played by Gentlemen', The Worst of Rugby is one of the best-selling titles in Pitch's popular 'Worst of Sport' series. The book takes a humorous look at the whole catalogue of foul and dastardly behaviour associated with the sport - stamping, gouging, arguing, drunkenness - on and off the pitch. The Worst of Rugby gets right under the skin of game: from the superstars to the lowliest supporter, the book reveals the true nature of the contest and those who live for it. Presented in loving detail across 15 chapters, here are all the very worst elements of rugger. From the worst imaginable gamesmanship to the worst wagers and injuries; from the worst missed kick to the worst instances of cheating, brawling and bleeding on teammates, the book will simultaneously delight and appal any player, supporter or aficionado of the great game.

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