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Erin Hart has an MA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. She and her husband, musician Paddy O’Brien, live in Minneapolis and frequently visit Ireland. Haunted Ground is her first novel.

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Lake Of Sorrows

Lake Of Sorrows

Author: Erin Hart Format: Paperback Release Date: 06/06/2005

This is very much a crime novel but due to its fascinating dual murder, ancient and modern, then lovers of historical fiction could be drawn to it too.  Highly evocative, with the bodies turning up in an Irish peat bog, it mixes local history, pagan ritual and a modern thriller together in an explosive cocktail.  Add two beautifully realised central characters, an archaeologist and a pathologist who are lovers, and the scene is set for an unusual, highly intriguing crime novel of note.  Her first, Haunted Ground, was terrific too.Comparison: Robert Goddard.Similar this month: Susan Hill, Jim Kelly.

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