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Dawn O’Porter is a novelist, columnist, broadcaster and designer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chris, son Art, cat Lilu and dog Potato. She has made numerous documentaries about all sorts of things: polygamy, childbirth, Geisha, body image, breast cancer and even the movie Dirty Dancing. She is the critically acclaimed author of Paper Aeroplanes and Goose. Dawn launched ‘Help Refugees’ in 2015, a charity that sends urgent care to refugees across Europe. She is also the host of ‘Get It On’, a weekly podcast where she interviews interesting people about why they wear what they wear.


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Cows: The hilarious and most talked about bestseller of 2017

Cows: The hilarious and most talked about bestseller of 2017

Author: Dawn O'Porter Format: eBook Release Date: 06/04/2017

*THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER*Fearlessly frank and funny, the debut adult novel from Dawn O'Porter needs to be talked about.COW [n.]/kaES/A piece of meat; born to breed; past its sell-by-date; one of the herd.Women don't have to fall into a stereotype.THE COWS is a powerful novel about three women. In all the noise of modern life, each needs to find their own voice.It's about friendship and being female.It's bold and brilliant.It's searingly perceptive.It's about never following the herd.And everyone is going to be talking about it.

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