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Anna Lewington is a well-known writer and researcher on the uses people make of plants. Her previous books include Plants for People, Atlas of Rainforests and several educational books. She took part in BBC TV's 'Rough Science' Edward Parker is a renowned and prize-winning photographer. He has worked as a photographer in more than 30 countries, documenting environmental issues. He is the project manager of the Ancient Tree Hunt.

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Author: Anna Lewington Format: Hardback Release Date: 12/11/2018

Elegant and beautiful, rich in history and supremely useful, birches have played an extraordinary yet largely unrecognized part in shaping both our natural environment and the material culture and beliefs of millions of people around the world. For thousands of years they have given people of the northern forests and beyond raw materials in the form of leaves, twigs, branches and bark, as well as wood and sap, not simply to survive but to flourish and express their identity in practical and spiritual ways. Tough, waterproof and flexible, birch bark has been used for everything from basketry and clothing to housing and transport, musical instruments and medicines, as well as a means to communicate and record sacred beliefs: some of our most ancient Buddhist texts and other historic documents are written on birch bark. Birches have not only shaped regional cultures - creating, for example, the Native American wigwam and the birch bark canoe - but continue to supply raw materials of global economic importance today. Birch explores the multiple uses of these versatile trees as well as the ancient beliefs and folklore with which they are associated. Richly illustrated, this book presents a fascinating overview of their cultural and ecological significance, from botany to literature and art, as Anna Lewington looks both at the history of birches and what the future may hold in store for them.

Plants For People

Plants For People

Author: Anna Lewington Format: Hardback Release Date: 01/10/2003

In a world dominated by technological change, it is easy to forget the importance of plants: they feed us, clothe us, clean us, protect us, cure us, transport us and entertain us. Every day, plants play a fundamental role in our lives. PLANTS FOR PEOPLE gives us a fascinating insight into the countless, often surprising ways in which we use plants - from the woodpulp in our clothing and the soya in fast food, to new medicines from daffodil bulbs (for Alzheimer's), yew leaves and hazel nuts (for cancers), and sunflower and rape seeds providing cleaner fuel for our cars. Plants are essential to our lives, yet the ways we manage them are seriously harming people and environments worldwide. PLANTS FOR PEOPLE is a crucial book, considering practical and ethical issues such as organic production, bio-piracy and the Fairtrade movement. Its mission: to help us save the diversity of plant life on earth, and to treat as equals the millions of people whose knowledge and services support us every day.

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