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Paul McEuen - Author

About the Author

Paul McEuen is currently the Goldwin Smith Professor of Physics at Cornell University and an award-winning expert on nanotechnology, looking at the applications of nano-electronics in chemistry and biology. He is a technical adviser to the CIA, Intel and Harvard amongst other institutions. This is Paul's first novel.

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Author: Paul McEuen Format: eBook Release Date: 04/09/2014

Er ist lebendig, er vermehrt sich, er wachst in dir. Mikrobiologe Liam Connor besitzt den Pilz, der jeden Menschen in eine todliche Waffe verwandeln kann. Und dann wird er selbst grausam umgebracht. Vom Todespilz fehlt jede Spur. Mit allen Mitteln muss Liams Assistent Jake verhindern, dass sich die todbringende Infektion weltweit ausbreitet ...Paul McEuen zeigt in seinem atemberaubenden Thriller eine unsichtbare Welt, die fur die Menschheit zur unermesslichen Bedrohung werden kann - wenn sie auer Kontrolle gerat."e;Weil McEuen keine Locher in seinem Plot lasst, legt man das Ding nicht wieder weg, ehe man es bis zum Ende ausgekostet hat."e;Hannes Stein, Die Welt



Author: Paul McEuen Format: eBook Release Date: 22/03/2011

In this riveting debut thrillera finalist for Best First Novel at the 2012 Thriller Awards and a nominee for a Nero Awardthe race is on to stop the devastating proliferation of the ultimate bioweapon. Spiral is perfect for fans of Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, and Richard Preston. When Nobel laureate Liam Connor is found dead at the bottom of one of Ithaca, New York's famous gorges, his research collaborator, Cornell professor of nanoscience Jake Sterling, refuses to believe it was suicide. Why would one of the world's most eminent biologists, a eighty-six-year old man in good health who survived some of the darkest days of the Second World War, have chosen to throw himself off a bridge? And who was the mysterious woman caught on camera at the scene? Soon it becomes clear that a cache of supersophisticated nanorobotseach the size of a spiderhas disappeared from the dead man's laboratory. Stunned by grief, Jake, Liam's granddaughter, Maggie, and Maggie's nine-year-old son, Dylan, try to put the pieces together. They uncover ingeniously coded messages Liam left behind pointing toward a devastating secret he gleaned off the shores of war-ravaged Japan and carried for more than sixty years. What begins as a quest for answers soon leads to a horrifying series of revelations at the crossroads of biological warfare and nanoscience. At this dangerous intersection, a skilled and sadistic assassin, an infamous Japanese war criminal, and a ruthless U.S. government official are all players in a harrowing game of power, treachery, and intriguea game whose winner will hold the world's fate literally in the palm of his hand.From the Hardcover edition.

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