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Julie Orringer was born in Florida in 1973. She received the Paris Review's Discovery Prize, and her collection of stories How to Breathe Underwater was a New York Times Notable Book.

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When She Is Old and I Am Famous

When She Is Old and I Am Famous

Author: Julie Orringer Format: eBook Release Date: 30/05/2015

A Vintage Shorts ';Short Story Month' Selection Mira is studying art in Florence when her cousin Ada arrives for a visit. Ada is a model who almost diedbut after a grievous injury, she leaves the hospital even skinnier than she was before. She might be the greatest model anyone has ever seen. Has Mira mentioned that she herself is not a model? But Mira is an artist, and only time will tell what matters more. ';When She Is Old and I Am Famous' is the piercingly beautiful story of the relationship between two young women and the longevity of love and art, a selection from Julie Orringer's award-winning debut story collection How To Breathe Underwater, a New York Times Notable Book. An eBook short.

The Invisible Bridge

The Invisible Bridge

Author: Julie Orringer Format: Paperback Release Date: 29/03/2011

LONGLISTED FOR THE ORANGE PRIZE FOR FICTION Paris, 1937. Andras Levi, an architecture student, has arrived from Budapest with a scholarship, a single suitcase, and a mysterious letter he has promised to deliver to Clara Morgenstern a young widow living in the city. When Andras meets Clara he is drawn deeply into her extraordinary and secret life, just as Europe's unfolding tragedy sends them both into a state of terrifying uncertainty. From a remote Hungarian village to the grand opera houses of Budapest and Paris, from the despair of Carpathian winter to an unimaginable life in forced labour camps and beyond, The Invisible Bridge tells the story of a marriage tested by disaster and of a family, threatened with annihilation, bound by love and history.

How to Breathe Underwater

How to Breathe Underwater

Author: Julie Orringer Format: Paperback Release Date: 07/04/2005

In her dazzling first book Julie Orringer dives into the private world of childhood and immerses us in its fears and longings: the jealous friendships and the bitter sibling battles; the parents that row and the boys that won't dance with you. Then, in a voice that is equally tender and compassionate, she reminds us of those rare, exhilarating moments of victory. 'Unbelievably good: the humiliations and cruelties and passions of childhood, sparkling fresh prose, a writer with a big heart and an acute sense of the small things that loom large in our lives' Monica Ali, Guardian

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