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Frederic Tuten teaches at City College, New York. His previous novelsinclude Tallien and Van Gogh's Bad Café.

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Green Hour

Green Hour

Author: Frederic Tuten Format: eBook Release Date: 25/06/2005

In this elegant and sensual novel, Frederic Tuten explores the ageless tension between a life of passion and a desire for ease. Set in Paris and New York, The Green Hour tells the story of Dominique, an art historian who struggles to choose between two men who embody the critical schism in her life: unquenchable idealism and material happiness. The novel etches the career of this extraordinary woman from her rebellious college years to the present. What unfolds is a passionate love story in which Dominique is torn by her destructive devotion to her first love, the seductive Rex, who periodically appears and disappears from her life, and Eric, a wealthy businessman deeply bound to her.

Van Gogh's Bad Cafe

Van Gogh's Bad Cafe

Author: Frederic Tuten Format: Hardback Release Date: 01/01/1997

Tallien A Brief Romance

Tallien A Brief Romance

Author: Frederic Tuten Format: Paperback Release Date: 01/09/1994

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