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Angela Young - Author

About the Author

Angela Young lives and works in London. Speaking of Love is her first novel.

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Other books by Angela Young

Angela An Earth Angel's Journey

Angela An Earth Angel's Journey

Author: Angela Young Format: Paperback Release Date: 27/10/2016

The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love

Author: Angela Young Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 01/07/2014

The Dance of Love is a coming-of-age tale that spans more than two decades of vast change. Against a backdrop of high Edwardian luxury, Natalie Edwardes is poised on the brink of adulthood and, in an age when a woman's destiny is decided by marriage, her beauty, wit and wealth would seem to guarantee her a glittering future. But, isolated by her father's position as a self-made man, Natalie has never felt at ease in a society bound by a maze of conventions. Heart, for her, will always rule head, and so it seems that an encounter with a dashing yet gentle artist-soldier contains all the seeds of her life's happiness. The dance of Natalie's life whirls her from the glittering ballrooms of London and the grand houses of Scotland and Devon, to the Scottish Highlands. But the strictures of polite society are far-reaching and Natalie's happiness is abruptly snatched away. She is forced to compromise her romantic ideals and it is only when the tragedy of the Titanic touches her life, years later, that she discovers what love really means and the heartrending choices it poses.

Hollow Victory

Hollow Victory

Author: Angela Young Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 16/12/2013

Maureen Cooke is an ordinary teenager growing up in the 1960's - not that it's particularly swinging when you live above a pub on the Thames estuary. OK, Gravesend might not have the same ring to it as the King's Road, but at least you can dream... The only child of Cyril and Florrie Cooke, esteemed landlord and landlady of The Victory, Maureen spends her formative years amid the smoke and clamour of a typical 'local', mixing with colourful characters for whom the miniskirt, free love, psychedelia and 'immigrants' are about as welcome as a wet summer. But Cyril and Florrie are workaholics and have little time for their daughter. Instead Nanna Dot and Grandad Bert bring her up as if she was their own child. Maureen loves them too - as if they were her own parents. So why hadn't her real parents made her feel that way? When you're a young woman desperate to get out, meet boys and have fun, being cooped up feels like a life sentence. Just as you think Maureen can never escape, something happens that convinces her she has to go. But will she succeed? Hollow Victory tells it as it is - or was, forty-odd years ago when young people were taking over the world and the 'older generation' watched from the side lines in bemused silence.