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Anouar Benmalek was born in Casablanca in 1956 and is one of Algeria's most respected Writers. After the 1988 riots in protest at government policies, he became one of the founders of the Algerian Committee against Torture.

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Author: Anouar Benmalek Format: Paperback Release Date: 01/09/2011

Though several decades have passed since the savage climax of Algeria's long and bloody war of independence, it still casts a long and haunting shadow over everyday life. Drawn together by the tortured memory of a massacre years ago, a shared experience binds Mathieu, Tahar and Aziz, and has disastrous repercussions for Meriem and Chehra, Aziz's wife and daughter. Chehra is abducted, and the kidnapper's brutal demands and threats of violent torture turn this into a tense thriller. But how far will Aziz go to save his family? The vicious acts committed reflect Algeria's modern reign of terror - a world of religious repression, murders by Islamist rebels, corruption and the silent complicity of the people. Before long we learn the secrets and darker histories that have tied the fates of these characters so closely together; past connections that exact a heavy and unbearable price as the novel moves towards its traumatic climax.

Lovers Of Algeria

Lovers Of Algeria

Author: Anouar Benmalek Format: Hardback Release Date: 18/10/2001

A Swiss woman, Anna, walks the paths of a cemetery in present-day Algiers. She is searching for two names, those of her children, murdered more than 40 years previously by the FLN, the organization that fought for Algerian independence from the French in the early 1960s and whose leaders were convinced that the children's father, Nassreddine, was a traitor to their cause. Anna has returned to an Algeria rife with terrorism and the excesses of fundamentalism. The devil has entered our country, and his footprints are everywhere, her friend Majid tells her as she sets out, undaunted, disguised in Muslim dress, on a perilous quest to find out whether the man she once loved is still alive. She is guided through the harsh and beautiful landscape by Jallal, a boy who sells peanuts in the Place des Martyrs. Captured by the militant forces of Allah , the woman and boy must witness and endure all manner of brutality and degradation before Anna's and Nassreddine's destinies can finally converge. Anouar Benmalek's courageous novel confronts the tragedy of Algeria, its immediate past and present, as no other writer has done since Albert Camus, and in the process he tells a love story of immense tenderness.

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