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Adam Shaw is a Leith’s-trained chef and father of three. Frustrated at the lack of guidance available for expectant parents on how to prepare food to make you feel good at this exciting time he created At Dad’s Table on Instagram, where he shares his beautiful pregnancy, baby and family-friendly food creations with over 45,000 followers. He has been nominated for numerous industry awards, regularly features at pregnancy and family-friendly events and has developed family recipes for several global brands.

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How to Grow Your Family

How to Grow Your Family

Author: Adam Shaw Format: Hardback Release Date: 08/03/2022

When pregnant, Shaw is right, food is framed in negatives, what you can't eat when you're pregnant rather than eating food that will make you feel good. And so At Dad's Table was born...different recipes for different trimesters when the nutritional requirements change. From eating well in the secret trimester, to a spotlight on six awesome folate-rich pesto recipes, I almost wanted to be pregnant again to try the recipes out and feel their impact. And I will absolutely be thrusting this book at all of my pregnant friends. With over 110 recipes beautifully presented in this hardback book, Shaw presents his food in a no-nonsense, inclusive and non-condescending way. The book is bursting with delectable and nourishing recipes to enjoy throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning and beyond. My favourite section was eating well as a tired new parent with a spotlight on one-handed foods and healthy dips and spreads for when you can't put baby down. Shaw has thought of everything for fresh, tasty and nutritious family eating including batch cooking and quick high-energy meals.  With brunch, main meals and dessert recipes for every mood and every stage of parenthood, this book is about focusing on what you can eat, and giving you delicious fuel for every stage of your journey. A brilliant book with recipes to feed your family at  every stage of your parenting cycle and with most recipes on the table in 30 minutes, there's no excuse not to eat well, eat healthily and grow your family.

Other books by Adam Shaw

The Jackals

The Jackals

Author: Adam Shaw Format: Paperback Release Date: 11/01/2022

The Jackals by Adam Shaw

How to Deal With Your Self-Destruct Button

How to Deal With Your Self-Destruct Button

Author: Adam Shaw Format: Paperback Release Date: 07/05/2021

This book should be used to question your relationship with your own lunatic gene. You know that you have it. Logic could not possibly adequately explain all of your perceived shortcomings or quirks. It's ok, you're not alone! If you have ever questioned the sanity of your family, your life or yourself, this book will help you to reach more peace with this. We all have a Lunatic Gene. It can cause us to think or do seemingly insane things. Thinking about doing insane things is normal. This book explains why. If you have lost loved ones, seen long relationships end, ran out of money, or feel that there is nothing left to strive for, you will be feeling this more than most. Everybody has a breaking point. This book is a warning of the early danger signs that can lead you to lunatic thoughts and actions. It is not what you think that's a problem, only how you respond. This lunacy left unmanaged will lead almost everyone to thoughts of anger, revenge, desolation, suicide and death. Fortunately, with a bit of awareness of how this happens, it is also possible to use your lowest moments as positive change agents that can harness your lunacy and change your life in a positive way. Understanding your Lunatic Gene will set you free. But first, it will annoy you! This book will help you to facilitate this journey.

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