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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
Cemetery Plots of Northern California: The Capitol Crimes 2021 Anthology Audiobook

Cemetery Plots of Northern California: The Capitol Crimes 2021 Anthology

15 amazing authors. 15 tales with "cemetery plots." Welcome to the Capitol Crimes 2021 Anthology. A cadre of superlative judges selected the best of the best to put between these covers. With a foreword by best-selling author Catriona McPherson, delve into the creative minds of Capitol Crimes members. The setting: Northern California. The theme: that place we all finally must visit, the cemetery. The plots and characters are as diverse as the authors. And their stories will touch your spirit where adventure and fear intersect.

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Queen on Charades Audiobook

Queen on Charades

Author: Donna Benedict Narrator: Terry Shepherd Release Date: December 2021

Angela Hamilton, a television game show contestant and a highly skilled physical therapist, has broken up with her fiancée and lost the lease on the building housing her clinic. Although she’s given up on love, she hasn’t given up her dream of building a new therapy clinic, and she turns down an offer by an obviously wealthy older woman to manage a new clinic and instead becomes a contestant in a television game show. When she enters the game show, Charades, all the contestants are masked. During the final round of the show, a strange little makeup artist presents her with a beautiful jeweled mask and cautions her about a future he suggests may offer both love and danger. Before the final round of the game, Jeremy Pryce, the show’s sponsor, arrives on the set where it is obvious to all that in spite of the mask, he is attracted to Angela. Now, although Angela wins the final round and fifty thousand dollars, she knows it’s not enough money to build her dream clinic. Given a choice, she agrees to gamble the fifty thousand for a million dollars by masquerading as a famous international play girl, on a Caribbean cruise for ten days, without being identified. What she doesn’t know is that at least one female celebrity passenger, and possibly more, has been murdered on a Pryce Cruise line ship. She also doesn’t know that Jeremy Pryce will be on board the Queen of Charades in an attempt to identify the killer before he can kill another celebrity.

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Invisible No More; Invincible Forever More: Inspiring Stories From Women Who Have Gone From Invisibl Audiobook

Invisible No More; Invincible Forever More: Inspiring Stories From Women Who Have Gone From Invisibl

This book highlights stories of women who have felt invisible at some point and now open up to share how they went from invisible to INVINCIBLE. Not all of the stories are about domestic violence, but it is rampant throughout the world and we want to put a spotlight on some of the staggering statistics relating to domestic violence. Here's one thing to consider, not all domestic violence is against women. Men are abused in their relationships, too. This book isn't about bashing men; it's about empowering oneself to come out of the darkness and into the light. - According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, nearly 20 people on average per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the U.S. This equates to more than 10 million women and men yearly. - 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men experience severe intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner contact sexual violence, and/or intimate partner stalking with impacts such as injury, fearfulness, post-traumatic stress disorder, use of victim services, contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, etc. These numbers are shocking and unsatisfactory. The INVINCIBLE women have selected Dress for Success as our charity partner. 100% of the net proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to Dress for Success where their mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. As you read these stories, put yourself in their place and imagine what it must have been like to experience what they experienced. They have overcome their feeling of invisibility and are now empowered to live the rest of their life as the INVINCIBLE women they were meant to be. NCADV: Dress for Success:

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Chasing The Captain Audiobook

Chasing The Captain

Author: Terry Shepherd Narrator: Terry Shepherd Release Date: September 2021

'A thrill-ride from start to finish.' ~Dänna Dennis-Wilberg. In Jessica Ramirez's second outing, she's once again a fish out of water, chasing the bad guy who got away. When forced to witness a questionable execution, Jess follows a tiny thread across the Atlantic, linking up with DI Liyanna Evans, a cop with London's Metropolitan Police. The two quickly discover that their antagonist's reach is both worldwide and deadly. Another delectable tale that blends technothriller with suspense and police procedural adventure, Chasing the Captain picks up where Chasing Vega left off, giving Jess the chance to find the answers she seeks, even if it endangers her life and career in the process. Many of your favorites from Chasing Vega are back, including the indomitable Alexandra Clark, technology guru Andy Milluzzi and Jessica's FBI boyfriend Michael Wright. Add Terry Shepherd's diverse ensemble cast and enough twists and turns to make your head spin and you have another wholly satisfying, screen-worthy popcorn thriller that best selling author Tori Eldridge calls, 'a fast-paced international adventure.' D.P. Lyle, author of the Jake Longly and Cain/Harper Thriller series calls Chasing the Captain, 'A break-neck ride crammed with tension, action and kick-ass characters.' McKenna Mystery author Kate Anslinger says, 'Terry Shepherd is one of those rare authors who can bookend a masterful action scene with poetic prose, descriptive settings, and human emotion, leading readers to fall effortlessly into the diverse worlds he creates.' As you dive into Chasing the Captain, you'll become immersed in the adventure, too.

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Chasing Cody: A Jessica Ramirez Holiday Short Story Audiobook

Chasing Cody: A Jessica Ramirez Holiday Short Story

Author: Terry Shepherd Narrator: Terry Shepherd Release Date: December 2020

When a young man with Down syndrome witnesses a bank robbery, Jessica Ramirez discovers that the detectives investigating the case are underestimating the most observant eyes in the room. As she gleans information from Cody Harris, the two perps begin to figure out that Jessica is working with the one witness who could send them to jail.  This short story, set in the week prior to Christmas, reunites Jessica Ramirez and Alexandra Clark, the two characters who first appeared in Terry Shepherd's debut thriller, 'Chasing Vega'. Lou Harrison is back, too along with an ensemble cast of new characters in a tale that flies along at Terry's usual breakneck pace, complete with satisfying twists and turns and an ending suitable for the season. But Cody Harris is the star of 'Chasing Cody'. As Terry notes in his afterword, 'The Down syndrome community teaches me about achievement, tenacity and love every day. They are truly as diverse as the beautiful rainbow of ability they represent, full participants in the river of life and heroes worthy of admiration and respect. I hope that’s your ultimate take away from Chasing Cody.'

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Borrowed Time - Book 1 - Broken Promises Audiobook

Borrowed Time - Book 1 - Broken Promises

Author: Dänna Wilberg Narrator: Terry Shepherd Release Date: December 2020

Imagine being shot, thrown into a pool, and left for dead. But by some miracle you survive−only to be tormented by visions of young women being murdered…When Suzanne Cash’s dead fiancé, Jack, appears during her near-death experience, she credits him for saving her life. But when he keeps reappearing, hijacking her sanity, and insisting she revisit her past, she questions his motives. Why would he lead her into the lair of a serial killer? And what is his connection to the victims? Detective Sam Metzger wants answers, even if it means suspending his disbelief about things unknown.As the body count rises, Suzanne’s visions become more frequent and Goldorado’s Sheriff’s Department is on the hook. Sam knows the clock is ticking, and although Jack is determined to help Suzanne understand her nefarious visions, lifting the veil to the other side is out of his control. After all, in the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, destiny must prevail.

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The Mystery Bug Collection Audiobook

The Mystery Bug Collection

Author: Terry Shepherd Narrator: Terry Shepherd Release Date: October 2020

When “Juliette and the Mystery Bug” was first published, it quickly became the go-to reference for parents and teachers who wanted to help children learn the key habits of personal safety in a pandemic world. Brilliantly illustrated by Casey Ratchford and poetically told by thriller author, Terry Shepherd, the story, “helped explain what could easily be a scary subject in a gentle, fun way.” The demand for a second story, addressing the hows and whys of masking and social distancing lead to “Juliette and the Masked Hero”. Both books were based on the solid recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and found their way into classrooms and living rooms across the country. This volume combines both books under a single cover, a complete reference for both home and classroom. In combination with, a website filled with lesson plans, videos, downloads and links to additional resources, “The Mystery Bug Collection” has become the go-to reference for anyone who wants to give their kids the skills, habits and attitudes necessary to stay safe and healthy in a time when “Mystery Bugs” are everywhere. 

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