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  1. The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021 Audiobook The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021
  2. Dune Audiobook Dune
  3. The Christmas Escape Audiobook The Christmas Escape
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
The New York Times Book Review: 125 Years of Literary History Audiobook

The New York Times Book Review: 125 Years of Literary History

From the longest-running, most influential book review in America, here is its best, funniest, strangest, and most memorable coverage over the past 125 years. Since its first issue on October 10, 1896, The New York Times Book Review has brought the world of ideas to the reading public. It is the publication where authors have been made, and where readers first encountered the classics that have enriched their lives.   Now the editors have curated the Book Review's dynamic 125-year history, which is essentially the story of modern American letters. Brimming with remarkable reportage, this book collects interesting reviews, never-before-heard anecdotes about famous writers, and spicy letter exchanges. Here are the first takes on novels we now consider masterpieces, including a long-forgotten pan of Anne of Green Gables and a rave of Mrs. Dalloway, along with reviews and essays by Langston Hughes, Eudora Welty, James Baldwin, Nora Ephron, and more.   Listeners will discover how literary tastes have shifted through the years-and how the Book Review's coverage has shaped so much of what we read today.

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Conversations on Love: with Philippa Perry, Dolly Alderton, Roxane Gay, Stephen Grosz, Esther Perel, Audiobook

Conversations on Love: with Philippa Perry, Dolly Alderton, Roxane Gay, Stephen Grosz, Esther Perel,

Brought to you by Penguin. *Audio narrated by Natasha Lunn, Roxane Gay, Greg Wise, Lemn Sissay, Juno Dawson, Melanie Reid, Stephen Grosz, Mira Jacob, Ayisha Malik, Sarah Hepola, Susan Quilliam, Emily Nagoski, Susie Orbach, Lucy Kalanithi, Isabela Laughland and Ricky Nixon* After years of feeling that love was always out of reach, journalist Natasha Lunn set out to understand how relationships work and evolve over a lifetime. She turned to authors and experts to learn about their experiences, as well as drawing on her own, asking: How do we find love? How do we sustain it? And how do we survive when we lose it? In Conversations on Love she began to find the answers: Philippa Perry on falling in love slowly Dolly Alderton on vulnerability Stephen Grosz on accepting change Candice Carty-Williams on friendship Lisa Taddeo on the loneliness of loss Diana Evans on parenthood Emily Nagoski on the science of sex Alain de Botton on the psychology of being alone Esther Perel on unrealistic expectations Roxane Gay on redefining romance and many more... 'Conversations on Love shows that love comes in myriad forms and that like our hearts and minds, it can be explored infinitely' Pandora Sykes, Sunday Times bestselling author of 'How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?' 'Conversations on Love is a glorious celebration of human vulnerability and connection. It has made me laugh, shed tears, think deeply. I want every person I love to read this book' Dr Kathryn Mannix, Sunday Times bestselling author of WITH THE END IN MIND © Natasha Lunn 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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The Way I See It: The landmark BBC art series in partnership with MoMA Audiobook

The Way I See It: The landmark BBC art series in partnership with MoMA

30 leading cultural figures choose an artwork from the Museum of Modern Art's collection, and discuss the response it provokes in them Art critic and broadcaster Alastair Sooke, accompanied by some of the world's leading creative thinkers, takes an in-depth look at the outstanding exhibits in New York's MoMA, exploring how the way we 'see' art is shaped by our experiences and perspectives. His guests include some of the sharpest minds of our time - artists, writers, designers, comedians, musicians and scientists, among them Steve Martin, Margaret Cho, John Waters, Roxane Gay, Fiona Shaw, Orhan Pamuk and Stanley Tucci. Each guest selects a piece of art that speaks to them - one that's inspiring, startling, intriguing or challenging. Some pick familiar works, others ones they've never seen before, and their choices range from paintings and sculptures to photographs, films and even symbols. Drawing on their personal history and expert knowledge, they share their thoughts, insights and observations. How does a cosmologist view Van Gogh's The Starry Night? What does a jazz pianist see in Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie? What will a top fashion designer decode from the clothes painted by an artist in Harlem in the 1930s? And what will a psychologist make of Picasso's unflinching depictions of man's inhumanity, The Charnel House and Guernica? These questions, and many more, will be answered in this eye-opening series. Revealing, surprising and perceptive, it deconstructs the gallery experience, bringing us a new way of looking at, and appreciating, art. Copyright © 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. (P) 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd Produced by Paul Kobrak and Tom Alban The Way I See It is a co-production of the BBC and the Museum of Modern Art, New York Tracklist: 1. Starry Night and Janna Levin 2. Steve Martin and the Lonely Synchromists 3. Jason Moran and Piet Mondrian 4. Neri Oxman and the Endless House 5. Steven Pinker and Picasso 6. Steve Reich on Richard Serra's Equal 7. Margaret Cho and Lady Vengeance 8. Duro Olowu on William H Johnson's 'Children' 9. Michael Bierut on Ed Ruscha's OOF 10. John Waters on Lee Lozano's Untitled 1963 11. Roxane Gay and Christ's Entry into Journalism 12. Es Devlin on Felix Gonzalez-Torres's Perfect Lovers 13. Hisham Matar with Man Sleeping Along the Seine 14. Renee Fleming chooses Colors for a Large Wall 15. The Director's Choice 16. Fiona Shaw on Georgia O'Keeffe's Lake George, Coat and Red 17. Bryan Stevenson on Jacob Lawrence's Migration Series 18. Richard Serra on Jackson Pollock 19. Madeleine Thien on Vija Celmins' Bikini 20. Zac Posen on Constantin Brancusi's Bird in Space 21. Mark Morris on Florine Stettheimer's Costume Design for Orphée 22. Sarah Sze and Siddhartha Mukherjee on Louise Bourgeois's Quarantania, I 23. Orhan Pamuk on Taglioni's Jewel Casket by Joseph Cornell 24. Liz Diller on Marcel Duchamp's Network of Stoppages 25. Isabella Boylston on Maya Deren and Talley Beatty 26. Stanley Tucci and Giacometti's Head of a Man on a Rod 27. Lady Ruth Rogers on Henri Rousseau's The Dream 28. Yves Behar and the IEC's Power Symbol 29. David Henry Hwang on Martin Wong's Stanton near Forsyth Street 30. Alastair Sooke

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Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture Audiobook

Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture

Edited and with an introduction written and read by Roxane Gay, the New York Times best-selling and deeply beloved author of Bad Feminist and Hunger, this anthology of first-person essays read by all 30 contributors including Gabrielle Union, Ally Sheedy, and Lyz Lenz, tackles rape, assault, and harassment head-on. Vogue, “10 of the Most Anticipated Books of Spring 2018” * Harper’s Bazaar, “10 New Books to Add to Your Reading List in 2018” * Elle, “21 Books We’re Most Excited to Read in 2018” * Boston Globe, “25 books we can’t wait to read in 2018” * Huffington Post, “60 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2018” * Hello Giggles, “19 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2018” * Buzzfeed, “33 Most Exciting New Books of 2018” In this valuable and revealing anthology, cultural critic and best-selling author Roxane Gay collects original and previously published pieces that address what it means to live in a world where women have to measure the harassment, violence, and aggression they face, and where they are "routinely second-guessed, blown off, discredited, denigrated, besmirched, belittled, patronized, mocked, shamed, gaslit, insulted, bullied" for speaking out. Contributions include essays from established and up-and-coming writers, performers, and critics, including actors Ally Sheedy and Gabrielle Union and writers Amy Jo Burns, Lyz Lenz, and Claire Schwartz. Covering a wide range of topics and experiences, from an exploration of the rape epidemic embedded in the refugee crisis to first-person accounts of child molestation, this collection is often deeply personal and is always unflinchingly honest. Like Rebecca Solnit's Men Explain Things to Me, Not That Bad will resonate with every listener, saying "something in totality that we cannot say alone." Searing and heartbreakingly candid, this provocative collection both reflects the world we live in and offers a call to arms insisting that "not that bad" must no longer be good enough. Narrators include: Roxane Gay, Gabrielle Union, Ally Sheedy, Amy Jo Burns, Lyz Lenz, Claire Schwartz, Aubrey Hirsch, Jill Christman, Lynn Melnick, Brandon Taylor, Emma Smith-Stevens, A.J. McKenna, Lisa Mecham, Vanessa Mártir, xTx, Sophie Mayer, Nora Salem, V.L. Seek, Michelle Chen, Liz Rosema, Anthony Frame, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Miriam Zoila Pérez, Zoe Medeiros, Sharisse Tracey, Stacey May Fowles, Elisabeth Fairfield Stokes, Meredith Talusan, Nicole Boyce, and Elissa Bassist.

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Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body Audiobook

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

Author: Roxane Gay Narrator: Roxane Gay Release Date: June 2017

From the New York Times bestselling author of Bad Feminist: a searingly honest memoir of food, weight, self-image, and learning how to feed your hunger while taking care of yourself. “I ate and ate and ate in the hopes that if I made myself big, my body would be safe. I buried the girl I was because she ran into all kinds of trouble. I tried to erase every memory of her, but she is still there, somewhere. . . . I was trapped in my body, one that I barely recognized or understood, but at least I was safe.” In her phenomenally popular essays and long-running Tumblr blog, Roxane Gay has written with intimacy and sensitivity about food and body, using her own emotional and psychological struggles as a means of exploring our shared anxieties over pleasure, consumption, appearance, and health. As a woman who describes her own body as “wildly undisciplined,” Roxane understands the tension between desire and denial, between self-comfort and self-care. In Hunger, she explores her past—including the devastating act of violence that acted as a turning point in her young life—and brings readers along on her journey to understand and ultimately save herself. With the bracing candor, vulnerability, and power that have made her one of the most admired writers of her generation, Roxane explores what it means to learn to take care of yourself: how to feed your hungers for delicious and satisfying food, a smaller and safer body, and a body that can love and be loved—in a time when the bigger you are, the smaller your world becomes.

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