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Audiobooks Narrated by Patrick Lawlor

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Shuggie Bain Audiobook Shuggie Bain
  2. A Promised Land Audiobook A Promised Land
  3. Piece of My Heart Audiobook Piece of My Heart
  4. Sweet Sorrow Audiobook Sweet Sorrow
  5. Ready Player Two: The highly anticipated sequel to READY PLAYER ONE Audiobook Ready Player Two: The highly anticipated sequel to READY PLAYER ONE
  6. Not a Life Coach: Push Your Boundaries. Unlock Your Potential. Redefine Your Life. Audiobook Not a Life Coach: Push Your Boundaries. Unlock Your Potential. Redefine Your Life.
  7. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  8. Didn't See That Coming: Putting Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart Audiobook Didn't See That Coming: Putting Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart
  9. The Sentinel: (Jack Reacher 25) Audiobook The Sentinel: (Jack Reacher 25)
  10. Fire In His Blood Audiobook Fire In His Blood
The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford: Dilettante's Guide to What You Do and Do Not Need t Audiobook

The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford: Dilettante's Guide to What You Do and Do Not Need t

Author: Lon Milo Duquette Narrator: Patrick Lawlor Release Date: November 2020

Traditional Qabalistic sources (or Cabalistic, or, indeed, Kabbalistic-listen to this book to find out what the difference is...we know you've always wondered!) tend to be a bit, er, dry. Lon Milo DuQuette spices up the Qabalah and makes it come alive, restoring the joy of learning the fundamentals of this admittedly arcane system by using simple, amusing anecdotes and metaphors. This account, written psuedepigraphically (fictitiously attributed to a supposed authority), allows DuQuette as Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford to soar to outrageous heights and, when necessary, stand apart from the silliness to highlight the golden eggs of Qabalistic wisdom nested therein. Sure to be a revelation to those who think that learning about the Qabalah needs to be tedious and serious, The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford shows that great truths can be transmitted through the medium of laughter. A supplemental PDF is included with this audiobook.

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Biogeography: A Very Short Introduction Audiobook

Biogeography: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Mark V. Lomolino Narrator: Patrick Lawlor Release Date: October 2020

Biogeography is the study of geographic variation in all characteristics of life-ranging from genetic, morphological and behavioural variation among regional populations of a species, to geographic trends in diversity of entire communities across our planet's sufrace. From the ancient hunters and gatherers to the earliest naturalists, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, and scientists today, the search for patterns in life has provided insights that proved invaluable for understanding the natural world. And many, if not most, of the compelling kaleidoscope of patterns in biological diversity make little sense unless placed in an explicit geographic context. The Very Short Introduction explains the historical development of the field of biogeography, its fundamental tenets, principles and tools, and the invaluable insights it provides for understanding the diversity of life in the natural world. As Mark Lomolino shows, key questions such as where species occur, how they vary from place to place, where their ancestors occurred, and how they spread across the globe, are essential for us to develop effective strategies for conserving the great menagerie of life across our planet.

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A Pack of Predators: A Western Story Audiobook

A Pack of Predators: A Western Story

Author: S. I. Soper Narrator: Patrick Lawlor Release Date: September 2020

At age thirty-five, Federal Marshal Buck Fyffe had eleven years’ experience as a lawman. When he and Deputy Steve Larson were charged with taking the outlaw Luther Gibbs to the newly established Yuma Territorial Prison, he wasn’t expecting any problems. Gibbs and his gang had stolen $25,000 from Southwestern. When Larson gets snakebit and dies, Fyffe finds himself almost three days away from the Yuma prison with no one to spell him while he sleeps. It doesn’t take long for Gibbs’s gang, who had been looking for their leader, to find them when Fyffe fires a shot as Gibbs tries to get away. Fyffe is overtaken by the gang and suffers at their hands. The gang hatches a plan for Gibbs to pose as Fyffe and one of his men to pose as Larson, and to deliver Fyffe to Yuma prison, claiming he is Luther Gibbs. In spite of Fyffe’s insistence that he is in fact the federal marshal, he finds himself as prisoner number 109. In addition to fearing that Gibbs will get to the money and get away, Fyffe must survive in a prison where he’ll surely be recognized by someone he sent there.

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The Rock Star's Fake Fiancée Audiobook

The Rock Star's Fake Fiancée

Author: Kenzie Reed Narrator: Natalie Eaton, Patrick Lawlor Release Date: September 2020

That grin should come with a warning label: "Addictive. May cause dizziness, heart palpitations, dampened underwear, and a lifetime of regret." I've got plenty of reasons to hate Sebastian Monroe, the sexy lead singer of Heat Lightning: 1.) He doesn't remember our soul-scorching kiss ten years ago. 2.) He very rudely refused to play at my hometown's 300th-anniversary celebration. And 3.) he's a hotel trashing, arrogant, hot mess. Really hot. Sooo hot... Turns out, though, that I've got something he needs: the ability to mend his tattered reputation. He needs a fake fiancée, to make people think he's left behind his hell-raising ways. And I'm willing to play nice to get what I want-a hometown appearance of America's hottest Southern rock band. And now that I'm pretending to be his fiancée, I've got plenty of reasons to love Sebastian Monroe: 1.) It turns out he's just as good a kisser as he always was. 2.) He's hiding a big secret and a kinder heart than anyone gives him credit for. And 3.) our little act is starting to feel just as real off-stage as on.

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Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager Audiobook

Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager

Author: Langdon Cook Narrator: Patrick Lawlor Release Date: August 2020

Foraging is not just a throwback to our hunter-gatherer past; it's a way to reconnect with the landscape. And Langdon Cook is not just your typical grocery cart-toting dad. For him, gourmet delicacies abound, free for the taking if we just open our eyes. As a result, he finds himself free-diving in icy Puget Sound in hopes of spearing a snaggletooth lingcod, armed with nothing more than a 'Hawaiian sling.' He bushwhacks through rugged mountain forests in search of edible mushrooms. He strings up a fly rod to chase after sea-run trout. He even pulls on the gardening gloves to collect stinging nettles. In wry, detailed prose, he traces his journey from wrangler of pre-packaged calories to connoisseur of coveted wild edibles. Structured around the seasons of the year, each chapter focuses on a specific food type and concludes with a recipe featuring the author's hard-won bounty, a savory stop to each adventure-filled morsel.

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The Age of Fentanyl: Ending the Opioid Epidemic Audiobook

The Age of Fentanyl: Ending the Opioid Epidemic

Author: Brodie Ramin, M.D. Narrator: Patrick Lawlor Release Date: August 2020

In this revealing analysis, Dr. Brodie Ramin tells the story of the opioid crisis, showing us the disease and cure from his perspective as an addiction doctor working on the front lines. We meet his patients, hear from other addiction experts, and learn about the science and medicine of opioid addiction and its treatments. He shows us how addiction can be prevented, how knowledge can reduce stigma, and how epidemics can be beaten. Dr. Ramin brings the hopeful message that just as patients and health-care workers rallied together to fight HIV one generation ago, a coalition of patients, advocates, scientists, doctors, and nurses is once again finding solutions and making plans to stem the overdose deaths, block the spread of fentanyl, and end the epidemic.

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The Feeling of Life Itself: Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can't Be Computed Audiobook

The Feeling of Life Itself: Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can't Be Computed

Author: Christof Koch Narrator: Patrick Lawlor Release Date: August 2020

Psychologists study which cognitive operations underpin a given conscious perception. Neuroscientists track the neural correlates of consciousness in the brain, the organ of the mind. But why the brain and not, say, the liver? How can the brain, three pounds of highly excitable matter, a piece of furniture in the universe, subject to the same laws of physics as any other piece, give rise to subjective experience? Koch argues that what is needed to answer these questions is a quantitative theory that starts with experience and proceeds to the brain. In The Feeling of Life Itself, Koch outlines such a theory, based on integrated information. Koch describes how the theory explains many facts about the neurology of consciousness and how it has been used to build a clinically useful consciousness meter. The theory predicts that many, and perhaps all, animals experience the sights and sounds of life; consciousness is much more widespread than conventionally assumed. Contrary to received wisdom, however, Koch argues that programmable computers will not have consciousness. Even a perfect software model of the brain is not conscious. Its simulation is fake consciousness. Consciousness is not a special type of computation-it is not a clever hack. Consciousness is about being.

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The Sun: A Very Short Introduction Audiobook

The Sun: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Philip Judge Narrator: Patrick Lawlor Release Date: July 2020

The Sun, as our nearest star, is of enormous importance for life on Earth, providing the warm radiation and light which allowed complex life to evolve. The Sun plays a key role in influencing our climate, while solar storms and high-energy events can threaten our communication infrastructure and satellites. This Very Short Introduction explores what we know about the Sun-its physics, its structure, origins, and future evolution. Philip Judge explains some of the remaining puzzles about the Sun that still confound us, using elementary physics and mathematical concepts. Why does the Sun form spots? Why does it flare? As he shows, these and other nagging difficulties relate to the Sun's continually variable magnetism, which converts an otherwise dull star into a machine for flooding interplanetary space with variable radiation, high-energy particles, and magnetic ejections. Throughout, Judge highlights the many reasons that the Sun is important and why scientists engage in solar research.

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The Belle and the Biker Audiobook

The Belle and the Biker

Author: Kenzie Reed Narrator: Natalie Eaton, Patrick Lawlor Release Date: July 2020

You can take the girl out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the girl. That's why Crash McClanahan is all wrong for me. The sexy, growly biker is just a big walking nope. Not going to happen. Never in a million years.Sure, his kisses are sweeter than iced tea in July. But I'm monograms and mimosas. He's bar fights and beer. I never wear white after Labor Day. He never leaves the house without his leathers. You get the idea.But when my new life in New York is upended and I have to go on the run, Crash is the only one who's there for me. He's the only one who has my back. He's the only man who drives me so crazy that I don't know if I want him to kiss me till I see stars or hop on his bike and disappear in a cloud of road dust. I know he's all wrong for me, so why does being with him feel so right?

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Silent World Audiobook

Silent World

Author: Kate L. Mary Narrator: Hillary Huber, Patrick Lawlor Release Date: June 2020

When Jim ran out of that farmhouse in Forgotten World, not only did he leave the promise of safety behind, but he was sure he was about to meet a horrible end. Amira has lived most of her life surrounded by silence, and this new world has dangers lurking around every corner that could mean the end for her. When two survivors, never meant to meet, find each other in the middle of an apocalypse, it will mean the difference between life and death. With silence as their constant companion, and the threat of death always hanging over their heads, Jim and Amira will learn not only what it means to trust another person, but how to let go of the past so they can survive this new world of violence.

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Saturday Night Live and Philosophy: Deep Thoughts Through the Decades Audiobook

Saturday Night Live and Philosophy: Deep Thoughts Through the Decades

Author: William Irwin Narrator: Patrick Lawlor, Randye Kaye Release Date: June 2020

Comedian-philosophers from Socrates to Sartre have always prodded and provoked us, critiquing our most sacred institutions and urging us to examine ourselves in the process. In Saturday Night Live and Philosophy, a star-studded cast of philosophers takes a close look at the 'deep thoughts' beneath the surface of NBC's award-winning late-night variety show and its hosts' zany antics. In this book, philosophy and comedy join forces, just like the Ambiguously Gay Duo, to explore the meaning of life itself through the riffs and beats of the subversive parody that gives the show its razor-sharp wit and undeniable cultural and political significance. Our guest hosts raise some eyebrows with questions like: ● Is Weekend Update Fake News? ● Does SNL upset dominant paradigms or trap us in political bubbles? ● When it comes to SNL, how can we tell the difference between satire, smart-assery, and seriousness? ● Is the Ladies Man too stupid for moral responsibility? ● What is the benefit of jokes that cause outrage? ● The Church Lady has a bad case of moral superiority. How about you?

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Words on Fire: The Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It Audiobook

Words on Fire: The Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It

Author: Helio Fred Garcia Narrator: Patrick Lawlor Release Date: June 2020

This book is about the power of communication to do great harm and how civic leaders and engaged citizens can hold other leaders accountable to prevent it. Author Helio Fred Garcia focuses on the language President Trump uses that conditions an audience to accept, condone, and commit violence against a targeted group, rival, or critic.Including a history of such rhetoric, this book identifies a playbook consisting of twelve forms of communication that typically precede genocides and other acts of mass violence. The Rwandan Hutu used ten, the Nazis used all twelve, and Trump uses all twelve too. Such language triggers lone wolves to commit violence. Since 9/11, the use of rhetoric that provokes violence has been known as "stochastic terrorism," a phrase that can be confusing and make discussion difficult. Garcia suggests a more accessible name: lone-wolf whistle violence, on the model of "dog whistle" politics. He draws on the most recent scholarship on lone wolves, their mindset, and what it takes to activate them to commit violence, demonstrating how Trump's increasingly dangerous rhetoric throughout his campaign and first term has motivated such individuals. He also describes the changes in the nation's political culture and media that led to Trump's nomination and presidency but also profiles leaders who dialed back their rhetoric when it was shown to put people's lives in danger. Words on Fire closes with a call to action: we all-civic leaders, engaged citizens, journalists, and public officials-must recognize this phenomenon so that we can take steps to hold our leaders accountable in the future.

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