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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
Hero Killer Audiobook

Hero Killer

Author: Ned Caratacus Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: May 2022

Era Gualtieri-public enemy #1, swashbuckler, provocateur, hero, villain, philosopher, madman-is about to have the worst Holiday Season of his life . . . For starters: Prince Raphael Koschei, the so-called Hero of Luminar, is dead. Good riddance and all, but the assassin was none other than Era's bestie and perpetual 'it's complicated,' Liv. As the Empire mourns its problematic fave, Era sees his chance to put a stop to House Koschei's 'Island' conspiracy. But when he finds what he seeks, let's just say too much truth can be a biohazard. As for Liv, she sets off on a desert pilgrimage to save a friend caught in the crossfire. When that goes off the rails, she's caught between a vengeful tyrant's plot and her own self-destructive brain. The Koscheis' tyranny extends into not only this world, but the afterlife itself. And despite it all, Era, Liv, and Noah are the only three people who stand a chance against them-if they can stop having a new mental breakdown every five vogging minutes!

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The Decagon House Murders Audiobook

The Decagon House Murders

Author: Yukito Ayatsuji Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: May 2022

A hugely enjoyable, must-listen murder mystery sure to appeal to fans of Elly Griffiths, Anthony Horowitz, and Agatha Christie, with one of the best and most satisfying conclusions you'll ever hear. A classic in Japan, available in English for the first time.

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Captivated: A Deep in Your Veins Anthology Audiobook

Captivated: A Deep in Your Veins Anthology

Author: Suzanne Wright Narrator: Justine Eyre, P.J. Ochlan Release Date: April 2022

Shattered If there was one thing Paige West thought she knew for sure, it was that Max Kincaid did not like her. So when an argument between them ends in an explosive kiss, she's more than stunned. Even more shocking? He proposes a deal-she'll spend three nights in his bed, they'll burn off the relentless sexual chemistry, and then they'll each go their own way. What could go wrong? Enticed None of Lexi Solomon's life plans had included living on an island filled with supposedly mythical creatures. Being inexplicably drawn to one of them isn't so great, considering relationships between humans and vampires have no future, but Damien Addams compels her like nothing else. He also wants her in his bed. More, he wants to claim her as his vessel, meaning no vampire but him will be allowed to feed from her. Dared Maya Duncan knows that moving on from Ryder Kingsley won't be easy, even if all they had was a brief fling before he left for a six-month-long trip. Well now he's back, and it's clear he has no interest in picking up where they left off. But after a group game of Truth or Dare forces them to put their hands on each other again, their resolve to keep their distance crumbles into nothing. Contains mature themes.

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Human Insanity Audiobook

Human Insanity

Author: Michael Anderle Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: April 2022

Not all monsters come from the stars. For Angelina, it was a clear-cut case of her or her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Terry has seen her very human response to the situation Angelina, Charley, and he dealt with in San Antonio. Except this time, there is no one to help her deal with the emotions but an alien from another system and a guy from the south. In short, her two friends. When Angelina finds another 'ticket' into trouble, will she have the guys help this time or deal with it herself? Perhaps Terry will find out just how much humans can manipulate their bodies to match his capabilities on their own. Unknown to many powerful people in the world, this new enemy is willing to kill anyone to push humanity to the next level. Some sacrifices must be made. For Terry, he isn't willing that one of them becomes Angelina or Charley. So, how do they stop it? When you make friends on an alien planet, sometimes your emotions come along for a ride you don't expect.

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Touch of Rapture Audiobook

Touch of Rapture

Author: Suzanne Wright Narrator: Justine Eyre, P.J. Ochlan Release Date: March 2022

Rulers of vampirekind Sam Parker and Jared Michaels are enjoying the current peace that's fallen among their species . . . until it abruptly shatters. A vampire unlawfully attempting to Turn unwilling humans is somehow inadvertently killing them. It makes no sense, just like the strange brand on his palm and the fact that he boasts multiple vampiric gifts. He also has the same mercury glint to his irises that Sam herself possesses . . . indicating that she's no longer the only vampire hybrid in the world. It quickly becomes clear that eliminating him won't be easy, especially since he's under the protection of an ancient being more powerful than Sam and Jared combined. They must win-over the ancient and track the hybrid before more innocent humans die . . . which would be a lot easier if a distraction hadn't come in the form of a stranger appearing at The Hollow making an exceedingly bold claim. A claim that he once had a precognitive vision of himself Bound to Sam. Contains mature themes.

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Alien Scourge Audiobook

Alien Scourge

Author: Michael Anderle Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: March 2022

Charley and Angelina have a lot to deal with. Do they help their friend or turn him in for being an alien? In some situations, you don't know how you will react until someone tries to kill you . . . And your alien friend keeps you safe. Angelina's boyfriend believes she will come back with the right amount of coercion if he gets rid of her 'friend.' Charley is willing to come along for the ride and the chance to do what he does best. Terry must realize that humans have free will and do not react well when you make decisions for them. He can't protect those who want to protect him, so what does Terry do? Nothing intelligent until he deals with Angelina's feelings. It might just be better to face the alien without his pistol. When you make friends on an alien planet, sometimes your emotions come along for a ride you didn't expect. Will Terry be able to take out the problem plaguing San Antonio and keep his friends safe? Will he have friends if he makes decisions for them? He might have to walk into a building full of gangbangers to find out.

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Trace and Aura: The Recurring Lives of St. Ambrose of Milan Audiobook

Trace and Aura: The Recurring Lives of St. Ambrose of Milan

Author: Patrick Boucheron Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: January 2022

From one of the foremost medievalists of our time, a groundbreaking work on history and memory that goes well beyond the life of this influential saint. Elected bishop of Milan by popular acclaim in 374, Ambrose went on to become one of the four original Doctors of the Church. There is much more to this book, however, than the captivating story of the bishop who baptized Saint Augustine in the fourth century. Trace and Aura investigates how a crucial figure from the past can return in different guises over and over again, in a city that he inspired and shaped through his beliefs and political convictions. His recurring lives actually span more than ten centuries, from the fourth to the sixteenth. In the process of following Ambrose's various reincarnations, Patrick Boucheron draws compelling connections between religion, government, tyranny, the Italian commune, Milan's yearning for autonomy, and many other aspects of this fascinating relationship between a city and its spiritual mentor who strangely seems to resist being manipulated by the needs and ambitions of those in power.

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New York's Finest: Stories of the NYPD and the Hero Cops Who Saved the City Audiobook

New York's Finest: Stories of the NYPD and the Hero Cops Who Saved the City

Author: Michael Daly Narrator: Michael Daly, P.J. Ochlan Release Date: December 2021

The gritty, true blue story of two remarkable cops and an equally extraordinary nurse who provided the spirit and smarts that transformed Fear City into the safest big city in America. NEW YORK'S FINEST is the story of a city's transformation through the tireless efforts of Detective Steven McDonald, Nurse Justiniano, Jack Maple, and a host of hero cops-including the great niece of Jazz Age great Josephine Baker-the finest of The Finest. The son and grandson of cops, Officer McDonald was shot and paralyzed from the neck down while on patrol in 1986. The doctors said that if he did survive, he would be better off dead. It was then he came under the care of one Nurse Nina Justiniano. Where the teenage gunman was produced by the worst of Harlem's social ills, she personified its many graces, rescuing Steven from despair and urging him to transcend hate and bitterness. McDonald was then promoted to detective at the urging of NYPD Deputy Commissioner Jack Maple, a postal worker's son who sported a bow tie, Homburg hat, and two-tone shoes as he implemented transformative crime-fighting strategies to deter violent subway robberies. Coming up in the force, Maple had been routinely mocked for imagining the impossible: that Times Square would one day be a destination for families and tourists. Now, resentments and tensions are mounting in the same neighborhoods that most benefited from the careful consideration of officers like McDonald and Maple. But as NEW YORK'S FINEST illustrates, their legacies, and those of people like Nurse Justiniano, may well rescue New York City from its present state of unrest and struggle in the wake of protests and the pandemic.

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The Crown Heist Audiobook

The Crown Heist

Author: Deron R. Hicks Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: November 2021

In another "suspenseful mystery romp with art appreciation" (Kirkus Reviews, starred review), Art and Camille head to London to find her estranged father, and soon find themselves embroiled in a heist involving a long-dead monarch.  Packed with fascinating facts about real places and pieces of art, this fast-paced thriller is perfect for fans of the Spy School and Mr. Limoncello's Library series and Dan Brown. No matter how dangerous his adventures have been, Art has always been able to count on his best friend, Camille. Now that Camille is meeting her estranged father, Art wants to be there for her-which means going to London.   But Camille's history professor father, renowned for expertise in British legend, is missing. When they visit his apartment, Art and Camille find a long-missing object that suggests the professor could be in trouble and solving a mystery related to London's history.  Follow Art and Camille as they visit the Tower of London, National Portrait Gallery, and ride the "tube" in hopes of uncovering the truth before it's too late.

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Nixon's War at Home: The FBI, Leftist Guerrillas, and the Origins of Counterterrorism Audiobook

Nixon's War at Home: The FBI, Leftist Guerrillas, and the Origins of Counterterrorism

Author: Daniel S. Chard Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: October 2021

During the presidency of Richard Nixon, homegrown leftist guerrilla groups like the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army carried out hundreds of attacks in the United States. The FBI had a long history of infiltrating activist groups, but this type of clandestine action posed a unique challenge. Drawing on thousands of pages of declassified FBI documents, Daniel S. Chard shows how America's war with domestic guerillas prompted a host of new policing measures as the FBI revived illegal spy techniques previously used against communists in the name of fighting terrorism. These efforts did little to stop the guerrillas-instead, they led to a bureaucratic struggle between the Nixon administration and the FBI that fueled the Watergate Scandal and brought down Nixon. Yet despite their internal conflicts, FBI and White House officials developed preemptive surveillance practices that would inform U.S. counterterrorism strategies into the twenty-first century, entrenching mass surveillance as a cornerstone of the national security state. Connecting the dots between political violence and 'law and order' politics, Chard reveals how American counterterrorism emerged in the 1970s from violent conflicts over racism, imperialism, and policing that remain unresolved today.

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Earth Bound Audiobook

Earth Bound

Author: Michael Anderle Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: October 2021

It's one stranded ex-lawman against a world full of homicidal psychopaths. Psychopaths who might, or might not, be human. Intergalactic lawman Terry Victor is betrayed by fellow officers and sent to a backwater planet on the interstellar arm of the universe. In short, he was sent to the planet called Earth. Fed up, he quits in a fit of disgust and seeks a peaceful retirement among the humans. Unfortunately, trouble has a way of finding Terry Victor. Keep his head down and away from Earth's authorities, or help a woman about to be attacked by a gang? Can Terry Victor resist the siren call that could ruin his future on this planet? Is he willing to give up his forced retirement to take on Earth's troubles? Finally, what happens when a string of deaths points to something even he fears? Will Terry Victor survive? If he survives, will the authorities realize there is an alien living among them?

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The Mad Elf: A LitRPG Adventure Audiobook

The Mad Elf: A LitRPG Adventure

Author: Ned Caratacus Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: August 2021

'Are you still alive? . . . Then you're still learning.' Era Gualtieri lives his life on permanent hard mode. His right leg is gone, his hometown was bombed into toxic waste, and he's elvish in an age when pointy ears are the mother of all 'kick me' signs. He's spent the past four years hopping trains and shoplifting just to survive, with only his flying sword to keep him safe. Now, he's suddenly the only guy on the planet who's legally allowed to stop the new Dark Lord. But Era's in no mood to bail out. Besides, his new government-appointed comrades (the edgiest sorceress in the food court, and a healer who's all heart and 0% brains) wouldn't stand for such nonsense. But there's an ancient conspiracy lurking at the heart of the whole Dark Lord fiasco, keeping the world in a cycle of constant violence for profit. Era's determined to get to the bottom of it, even if it means being branded an outlaw for the rest of his life. Give a Gualtieri two paths to choose, and he'll take the third. Neverstone: Mad Elf is a zany love letter to JRPGs far and wide. Thrilling, morbidly hilarious, and character-driven-what else can you ask for from a LitRPG Adventure?

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